California Bound by

New-York Times, May 24, 1868

SS Rising Star
Captain (not listed)
Sailed from New-York City: May 23, 1868

New-York .. May 23.

Steamship Rising Star, North American Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship, for Aspinwall and California --

For Aspinwall:
Condir, Jean
Green, Thomas, and son
McNeil, J. A.
Webb, Robert S.

For California:
Abbott, A. G., wife, daughter and child
Anderson, J. Y., wife and 4 children
Andrews, Oliver
Annis, Mrs. Isabella, and child
Arnus, C. W., wife, 2 children and nurse
Aron, Mrs. A., and 4 children
Bady, E. C.
Bailey, G. F.
Barling, H., and wife
Barton, Mr., and son
Billington, N. E., and wife
Blake, Maurice B.
Bradley, Mrs., 5 children, nurse and girl
Bramble, Mr.
Brown, J. H.
Brummer, A.
Burke, John
Cady, Miss M. J.
Carmany, R.
Clark, W. H.
Cutler, Dr. Roger
Darby, Thomas F.
De Vivo, Mr.
Duharnel, V.
Eakins, P. A., mother and brother
Eppinger, H., wife and sister
Everett, Philip
Fairbanks, J.
Farnham, John, and wife
Field, Richard, wife and child
Flagg, Murray
Florency, Miss F.
Fosdick, C. H.
Francisco, Geo.
Garrett, J. S., wife and child
Garrett, Miss
Garrett, P. R.
Graham, W.
Gray, Miss Fannie
Hall, William O.
Hansheimer, Moses
Harrison, J. T., and wife
Harvey, Miss Jennie
Henry, Francis
Herrick, Dr., and wife
Higgenbothan, Mrs. Dr., 3 children and nurse
Horton, G., wife and child
Hudson, H. C.
Inglis, Jas. G.
Jarmin, Edward
Keilling, H.
Kennedy, Miss
Kingman, Mrs. Mira
Kittridge, Miss Luelia D.
Knapp, Charles
Lynn, Martin J.
Magnus, David
Marshall, J.
Mason, W.
Mathewson, Miss F.
McCune, Miss Nellie
McHugh, N. M.
McKibben, Thos.
Merriman, Stephen H.
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth, daughter and child
Miner, Mrs. Thomas E., and 2 children
Mooney, A. I.
Moore, David, wife and child
Newall, Julius T.
Overton, Isaac
Pellett, Seth G., and wife
Pengra, Hon. T. B.
Phillibut, S.
Pierce, Mrs. E. G.
Powers, Miss
Randall, Miss Mary F.
Raney, Dixon, and bro.
Redifer, A.
Robinson, D. T., and wife
Rohtz, J.
Ross, E. M.
Rushwell, Mrs., and 3 ladies
Sanborn, C. D.
Schell, Mrs. Mary L.
Seligsberg, S.
Selna, Ubaloo (Ubaluo ?)
Selye, D. W.
Sermant, Miss Lizzie
Severance, Mrs. W. B., and child
Shaw, _. (H. ?) B.
Shirley, J. S.
Smith, George
Sperry, G. W., wife, 2 sons, and teacher
Stannels, Miss
Starr, G. R.
Stoney, W. E., and sister
Stratton, Mrs. Judge
Strauss, Leopold, wife and children
Sweeney, Ed.
Taylor, Miss
Taylor, Mrs. W. S., and child
Taylor, Thos.
Thorp, E. L.
Trescott, Miss A. M.
Trofatter, G. L, and wife
Viers, Mrs. Cornelia, and Allen, and son
Vrooman, Veder, and wife
Wall, Miss
Wallace, J. P.
Wassermann, H., wife, sister and child
Wattles, J. B.
Webb, R.
Williams, Mrs. Sarah, and child
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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