California Bound by

New-York Times, May 17, 1868

SS Ocean Queen
Captain King
Sailed from New-York City: May 16, 1868

New-York .. Saturday, May 16.

Steamship Ocean Queen, King, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Ocean Queen, for Aspinwall and California --
For Aspinwall:
Aydley, G. L.
Belleria, Julio Billings, C. H. Cutter, S. S. Ghesisch, Andreas
McNebera, Anna Tobey, S. F.

For California
Adams, Mrs., and child
Akin, Miss Ada E.
Alexander, Capt. P., and wife
Anthony, Chas.
Armstrong, John
Bailey, A.
Baylay, Edward
Beele, T. L.
Bishop, Mrs. G., and daughter
Bolton, Dr., 2 friends and 2 children
Bolton, Mr.
Breed, Miss Elizabeth D.
Burnham, C. M.
Clark, Miss Fannie
Clinton, Miss Bella
Cohen, Miss H.
Cohen, Mrs., and daughter
Conklin, Miss Ellen
Cressy, A. L., and wife
Curtiss, Mrs., and 3 daughters
Davis, F. A. W., wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters and 2 children
Denman, J. G.
Dewey, A. T., and wife
Dietrick, J. S.
Dusenbury, Miss
English, Mrs., 2 daughters and son
Field, F. B.
Finegan, Thos.
Fletcher, St. Clair
Foster, Mrs.
Foster, S. J.
Frazer, C. D.
Fuller, J. G., and sister
Fulton, Mrs., and daughter
Furnald, Mrs. Mary, and child
Glenn, G. A.
Goodman, J. H.
Goshusky, J., wife, 2 children and nurse
Grafton, Miss E.
Graham, Mrs. A., and child
Griswold, Miss Emma
Griswold, Mrs., and son
Hallman, Geo.
Hanmeister, M.
Harbeson, B. F.
Harris, W.
Hayward, Mrs., and daughter
Heath, B. S.
Hedges, E. R.
Hinckley, , Miss Rose
Hinckley, P. A., and Paris
Hobart, Mrs.
Hopkins, D., wife, 3 daughters, son, and child
Hopkins, Miss Anne
James, Miss, 5 children and nurse
Jewell, Mrs., child and nurse
Johnston, John B.
Johnston, Mrs. J. M., and 2 children
Jones, O. W.
Kauffman, Mrs. R.
Kauzie, Mrs., and child
Kier, M.
Kirby, Miss
Kirk, Dr. H. M.
Knapp, Dr. E. R., and wife
Kohler, C.
Lane, Mrs. L., and child
Leach, Miss
Learned, A. L., and wife
Leary, L. A.
Lewis, Samuel
Lugfried, Miss Mary
Magondray, W. A.
McArthur, Major, and wife
McCallum, P.
McClellan, John
McCracken, Geo., and wife
McLatchie, Miss
Miller, J. G.
Mitchell, Capt. Joseph
Mitchell, Mrs. A. L., and child
Morris, H.
Morris, Miss
Mudget, Mrs., and daughter
Muller, Mrs. C.
Nelson, S. C., wife and 3 children
Neustadt, Emily
Newall, Miss Lizzie C.
O'Brien, June and Julia
Ot_ (Ott ?), Miss E.
Palmer, Lieut. A.
Payser, M. A.
Perkins, Joseph, wife and child
Polk, Mrs. L. N., and child
Quimbo, Moses B., and wife
Richardson, Artemas
Richardson, T.
Sample, Cowan
Samson, Belle
Schofield, Mrs. Nelson, and daughter
Scott, Alice M.
Scott, Jas.
Scott, M. H.
Scott, Mr.
Selby, W., wife and child
Service, Miss Maggie
Severance, Mrs. B. O., and 2 children
Severance, William
Sheppe, C. A.
Sheppe, Margaret A.
Sherman, Mrs. L.
Shipp, W., wife and 2 children
Smith, A. H.
Smith, Eben S.
Smith, Miss
Smith, Miss Mary
Solsted, Mrs.
Squire, H.
Stahl, A.
Staple, Mrs. Lucy J., and children
Steiner, Henry
Stiles, Mrs. Anna E., and sister
Tanner, W. R., wife and 2 children
Taylor, H. A.
Thomson, Geo. A.
Tiffany, W.
Tullers, H., and wife
Vaughn, D. A.
Von Sant, Dr.
Wallel, Ed.
Walsey, B. H.
Webb, Miss Eliza K.
Weens, S. W.
Wellington, D., and wife
Westgate, Wm.
Whitney, Mrs. Jos.
Whittier, Mrs. S., and child
Willard, A.
Williams, Mrs. M., and child
Williamson, G. R.
Wilson, John
Winan, H. S.
Winston, W. H., and 3 friends
Yeargain, J. B., wife and 2 children
and a large number in Second Cabin and Steerage.

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