California Bound by

Sacramento Daily Union, March 26, 1868

SS Santiago de Cuba
Captain (not given)
Sailed from New-York City: March 5, 1868

New-York ... (unknown).

Steamship Santiago de Cuba.

Passengers Sailed.

In steam-ship Santiago de Cuba, for Aspinwall --

Alexander, J. K.
Arniote, James
Anderson, E.
Atkins, Mr., wife & child.
Baluska, J.
Baskirk, George
Boysam, Peter S.
Brown, David A., & family
Brown, James, wife & son
Brown, Mrs. S.
Brown, William
Buchanan, Mr., & wife
Bulhuemer, Leon
Byersdorf, Miss Barbara
Campbell, R.
Carter, John D.
Chase, I.
Clannen, A.
Clannen, H.
Cleary, James
Collins, Mrs. Mary, servant, & 2 child,
Colton, Thomas
Curran, James
Dougherty, W. H., wife & 3 child.
Eager, William T., & wife
Elliot, Hannah
Ely, J.
Eno, Paul
Erwin, Mrs. David
Firmen, J. L. E.
Fitman, Sarah Ann
Fleming, William S.
Forth, Mrs. B. & 5 child.
Gallagher, Catherine
Gilden, Ann
Goodwin, F. L. B.
Gurais, Alfred
Hamilton, Mr.
Hammon, F. W., & wife
Harrison, George
Hartshorn, C. M.
Heplin, Mrs. H. M. & 2 child.
Hine, Miss Delia F.
Hopwood, Thomas W.
Horn, W.
Hovey, E., & wife
Kayser, Miss Ernstine
Keefe, Mrs. H. O., & 3 child.
Kerney, Thomas
Larkin, I. B.
Lawton, Cath., & 3 (?) child.
Locuson, J. S.
Lugg, William
Lum, James K.
Lyon, Julius E.
Malacare, G. B.
Maloney, James
Manily, Peter, & wife
McCrosky, D. C.
McDonough, Cath., & 2 child.
McDonough, Hannah
McKelvey, J.
McLean, D. G.
McNeil, J. C.
McWilliams, B. A.
Middlemiss, G.
Mitchell, D.
More, Mrs. Hannah
Morris, R., Jr.
Oglesby, F. B.
O'Neal, Mary
Osborne, Alice
Osgood, Mr.
Pettet, A.
Phillips, John
Piggatt, John
Putzer, P.
Renwick, William
Rodgers, C. T.
Rogers, L. A.
Seibee, E.
Smidt, O.
Smith, D. H.
Smith, R. P., Jr.
Spearwater, J. B.
Squire, William
Sutton, S.
Thomson, Albert J.
Van Ransselaeir, R. H., Jr.
Vern, William
White, James, & wife
Will, Leo
Winston, Thomas E.
and 322 in the steerage.

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