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New-York Times, November 12, 1867

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: November 11, 1867

New-York .. Monday, Nov. 11.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co..

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall --
Baddeker, Wm.
Burnham, F. M.
Chambers, W. H.
Chich, F. O.
Cobb, F. M., Jr. Jenney, H.
Kluge, Dr. J. P.
Mansfield, R. H.
Martinez, Carlos E.
McCausland, F.
Nixon, Rich
Parker, Dr. S.
Ringgold, Dr.
Rutlinger, Orvil, wife and child
Thompson, John D.

For China and Japan:
Atkinson, H.
Baker, C.
Church, S. H.
Cunningham, E., wife and family
Dana, Mrs. G. H., and infant
Doblois, John E.
Dobryn, W. A.
Glover, J. B., and 2 servants
Grant, J. Henderson
Hammill, G. D.
Hill, C. E.
Leichterstein, L.
Lord, Rev. E. C.
Skelding, H. P., (paymaster), U.S.N.
Smith, R. B.
Williams, Rt. Rev. Bishop

For Calcutta:
Hook, Miss L. M.
Norris, Miss Carrie

For California:
Abbott, Mrs. M. J., and child
Abrahams, Alfred
Anson, Miss Sarah L.
Armstrong, J. L., and wife
Ashley, P.
Baldwin, Miss
Barlow, Mrs. J. G., and child
Beausso, M.
Benham, Calhoun
Blair, Miss Mary E.
Bradshaw, S. S.
Buckbee, Jas.
Burnett, H., wife and daughter
Calkins, Mrs. J. T.
Chappell, R. H.
Coe, D.
Cook, A. J.
Cortes, Miss
Cortes, T.
Cottle, Oliver, and wife
Crane, Wm.
Currier, G., and wife
Dagener, Mrs. W., and 2 children
Daniels, Mr., wife and child
Davis, G. W., and wife
Derocker, Mrs., and child
Dillon, John, wife and family
Dodge, Francis, wife, daughter and 2 children
Dorente, Albert H.
Dorman, Mrs. James
Fake, C. P.
Feldman, L., wife and family
Freemann, M. J., and wife
Gaillardon, M.
Gerritty, D. P.
Gerrity (Garrity ?), P. B.
Glassman, Mrs., and child
Grant, Miss Eliza
Hadley, Mrs., father, daughter, and 2 children
Hale, Mrs.
Hamill, G. D.
Heister, C. E.
Henderson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Henmern, J. A.
Heran, J. C., wife, sister, and family
Hixon, Miss M. A.
Hord, Miss Laura
Housman, Jas. A.
Hudson, Thos.
Hunter, Lieut. Pendleton
Jacobs, Mrs., and child
Jocelyn, G. M.
Jones, H. W., wife and child
Kaddell, Mrs., and child
Kendall, J. F.
Kipple, Philip, wife and child
Knapp, Rev. J., and wife
Lawrence, G. O.
Lefort, Albert
Manthon, Jos.
McDougall, Mrs. J. S.
McFarland, W. W.
McFarland, W. W., and wife
Mears, Mrs. Jas. R., and child
Merrill, Isaac H.
Moore, G. M.
Murtah, Thos., and wife
Murts, R.
Nichols, Miss E.
O'Brien, J. J.
Philbin, Miss Gracie
Pinkerton, Mrs.
Pynch, J. F.
Randolph, E. P., and wife
Reese, Lieut. A. A.
Reilly, Mrs. W. T.
Rhodes, W. W.
Riche, Mme. Corabe
Rose, A.
Rynch, Mrs. J.
Sherwood, S.
Shipley, Geo. P.
Shreve, G. O.
Smith, J. Putnam, wife and child
Smith, Mrs. C. W., and child
Stangerwold, Dr.
Swift, J. P., and wife
Taber, J. H.
Taft, D., and wife
Talbot, H. C.
Trask, Albert D., wife and 4 children
Trumbule, P. J.
Valadi, M.
Webb, Mrs. O. (C. ?) C. (G. ?), and 2 children
White, J. B.
White, Miss Joey
White, Mrs. George D., and child
Whiting, Mrs., and child
Wiggins, Wm.
Wilcox, Mrs. Nathan B.
Willis, E. W., and wife
Woolrich, Mrs., nurse and 2 children
Worcester, Rev. S.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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