California Bound by

New-York Times, November 2, 1867

SS Arizona
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: November 1, 1867

New-York .. Friday, Nov. 1.

Steamship Arizona, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Arizona, for Aspinwall --
Bond, J. H.
Brown, Dr. W. S.
Bruce, A. S.
Farmer, D. K.
Freeman, O. B.
Hartshorne, Mrs. M. J.
Haskell, Aaron
Lyons, Geo.
Lyons, John., and wife
Martin, Dr. E. D.
McArthur, John
McNider, John L.
Moakier (Moakler ?), Jas.
Molena, Senor Lewis
Reyes, Jose
Robbes, Mr.
Sanbranno, U. M.
Swan, Mr., and sister
Trumbull, Dr.
Vela, J. M.
Villavicencio, B.

For South Pacific Ports:
Byers, John
Jacob, Isaac, wife and 2 children
Loeb, Levi
Murdock, Miss
Opisso, Antonio
Ortobazza, Ramon
Pardo, Francisco
Salas, Ceferino
Zaralita, Leoniro

For China and Japan:
Allen, F. A.
Brown, Augustus
Butler, Rev. S.
Hunt, M. T., and brother
Kerr, Rev. Dr., wife and child
Noyes, Miss
Rothmond, E.
St. John, Miss Ada
Twombly, J. S., and wife

For California:
Abram, G.
Adams, A. S.
Alexander, Miss Rose
Ames, Miss Sophie
Anders, G.
Angoategin, S.
Atwater, Philip, and wife
Baker, Miss Grace
Baldwin, T. D.
Barnes, Mrs. W. H. L., nurse and child
Batley (Bailey ?), Mark, and wife
Beavan, J. T.
Beinicke, Carl
Bell, Thos. W.
Bellows, H. N., and servant
Benham, Mrs. M. L.
Benson, Mrs.
Blaisdell, Capt.
Bluxome, Dr., wife and infant
Bluxome, Mrs., and maid
Bond, Frank S.
Borchard, A. H.
Bosselman, Mrs. D., and infant
Brell, J. B., and wife
Broon, Augustus
Brown, Franklin
Browning, Mrs., and 2 children
Bruen, A. G. O.
Burford, R. G.
Butler, R. M.
Cabrero, M.
Carpentier, Dr.
Carr, J. W.
Church, Miss Mary
Coley, Mrs. W. C.
Collins, G.
Collins, S.
Condon, Mrs., and daughter
Cone, J. L., and wife
Cooper, Miss Martha
Cox, Mrs., and child
Crandall, Miss Mary G.
Crocker, Mrs. Winslow, nurse and 2 infants
Crosby, Mrs. Ebbie, and nurse
Daniels, C. W., wife, 2 children and infant
de Cosmos, A.
Deete, Miss Hattie
Delano, Abram T.
Deney, W. F.
Dickey, Mrs. J. R.
Dollner, Thomas
Dougherty, J. P., wife and child
Duckwitz, Mrs.
Dunn, Howard M.
Eahern, Miss E. M.
Ellis, Sohn (John ?) S.
Falry, Mrs. Lois B., and 2 children
Farrell, G. W.
Faulkener, Mrs. Jennie
Fish, G. H.
Folsom, Mrs., and 2 children
French, Miss Clara
Garrett, Miss
Geneve, L.
Gibson, Mrs., and child
Giddings, A. J., wife and daughter
Gifford, Miss Margaret A.
Goldsmith, M.
Gorton, G. H.
Gorunk, Salaski
Green, H. D., wife, 2 infants and nurse
Grover, Mrs. C. A.
Hall, e., and 2 children
Hall, Mrs. B., and infant
Hall, Mrs. Julia E., and 2 children
Harrison, J. J.
Heathcote, Edward
Heiser, Louis, and wife
Henry, Mrs. M. J.
Henry, Mrs., son, daughter and infant
Hirsehind, Cecilia
Hoey, Mrs. Ann
Hoey, Mrs. Mary
Hooper, Mrs.
House, Radcliffe J.
Howland, L. L.
Hull, Mrs. G. L., and 2 children
Jacobi, Leonard
Jacqua, G. C.
James, Henry
Johnson, J. T.
Jones, Wm.
Jordan, J.
Josslyn, Mrs. Caroline S., and infant
Kaiser, S.
Kappler, C., and wife
Karner, C. A.
Karner, Zadoc
Katz, A.
Kauffman, G., and wife
Kelly, Mrs. S.
Kendall, Miss Arabella
Kennedy, Miss Clorinda
Kennedy, Miss Maggie
Kirkland, William
Knapp, W. H.
Lawton, Capt.
Lawton, Mrs., and daughter
Lency, Mrs.
Livingston, John
Lomax, Mrs.
Love, David M.
Ludington, J. C., wife, infant and servant
Mack, Miss Susan
Mackie, J. B.
Majors, D. T., and wife
Mansfield, D. M.
Martin, S., wife and child
Matthews, Mrs. M.
McKennon, Mrs. J. D.
McKinnon, Miss M. A.
McLoed, A. C., and sister
McNamee, Mrs., and infant
McSperrin, Mrs.
Meserve, J. G., wife and child
Mills, D. J., wife and child
Mitchell, Alfred
Monteith, W.
Morris, Walter E., and wife
Morrison, G. J.
Morse, Frank
Morse, G. W.
Morse, M. P.
Moses, Mrs. M. E., 2 daughters and child
Moses, Otho
Murphy, Lieut. E. P.
Neile, P. O., and daughter
Nichols, A. J., and wife
Noble, G. H.
Northey, Edward
Osborne, Mrs.
Parker, Henry
Peck, Mrs. Charles
Petrarchi, Mrs., child and infant
Pettis, Mrs. Mary E.
Pierebb (Plerebb ?), Geo., and wife
Pike, Moses, wife and daughter
Ramsey, Mrs. Annie
Rathbun (Rathburn ?), H. B., wife and infant
Reddington, Miss
Rhodes, Godfrey, and wife
Ricketts, Thomas
Riley, Mrs.
Ropes, Lieut. J. M., and wife
Rosenberg, Mrs. August
Runyon, Thos. O. M.
Russ, Miss Eliza
Sabine, Major J. E.
Salbert, B.
Saldo, Rafael
Sawyer, Edward
Schell, H. A.
Schneider, Rev. Father
Sherman, William, and wife
Simmons, S., and wife
Simpson, Gen., wife, child, infant and 2 nurses
Slate, Mrs. C. O.
Sloane, William
Slosson, Edward
Smith, Miss Catharine
Smith, S., wife, sister and brother
Soule, Miss
Soule, Mrs.
Stephens, A.
Stone, Mrs. Dr., husband and 2 children
Storhart, Thos.
Sutherland, Mrs. Chas.
Tailour (Tallour ?), G. D.
Talbot, J. C.
Tassett, Mrs. T. O., and child
Taylor, Dr. J. Winthrop
Taylor, Miss Malvina
Tucker, Mrs., and child
Turner, E. W.
Webb, Rev. B.
Webster, Miss A.
Weyard, N. K., wife, 2 children and 2 infants
Wheat, C. D.
Wheedon, Dr. R. A.
Whittlesey, J. D.
Williams, Miss
Williams, Mrs., and 2 children
Williams, Rev. Albert
Wilson, Charles E.
Wingate, G.
Woodworth, Capt. Selin
Woolley, C., wife, daughter, and 2 children
and a large number in the second cabin and steerage.

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