California Bound by

New-York Times, October 22, 1867

SS Rising Star
Captain (not given)
Sailed from New-York City: October 21, 1867

New-York .. Oct. 21.

Steamship Rising Star.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Star, for Aspinwall, &c.--

For Central America and South Pacific Ports:
Binger, Fred.
Carroll, Michael
Chisholm, H. G.
Copeland, Thos.
Donike, Ludwig, wife and infant
Heyne, Ernest
Locke, Albert
McNeil, Peter G.
Sauger, Charles
Voges, Fred.

For Aspinwall:
Brooks, S. L.
Cassett, A. W.
Derrill, W. T.
Fitch, Thos. W.
Gove, F. M., U.S.N.
Graham, Lieut.-Commander J. D., U.S.N.
Hunt, W. H.
Inpey, R. S.
Menzies, G. V., U.S.N.
Miller, Lieut.-Commander J. N., U.S.N.
Mulligan, R. W., U.S.N.
Pemberton, John, U.S.N.
Seristena, S.
Smith, S. M., and wife
Stewart, Rev. W. H., U.S.N.
Williams, Mrs.

For California:
Adams, Cyrus, and wife
Burgess, Chas. E.
Crane, Mrs.
Day, E. A.
Gammans, G. B.
Green, Mrs., and child
Krinhaus, D. W.
Mahienbrunk (Manienbrunk ?), W., wife and nurse
McCain, James
Mead, D.
Mori (Morf ?), H. Conrad, and wife
Snow, Frank C., and wife
Tiffany, R. J.

Attwood, Melville
Attwood, Miss, and sister
Binglass, S. D., 2 children and nurse
Bradbury, Mrs. H. J., 2 children, servant and infant
Brainerd, Miss
Brugiere, E. A.
Burnham, Mrs. H. S.
Clement, Mrs. E. F.
Cobb, George D.
Cook, P. A.
Crooks, Sylvester
Culver, Mrs. J. a., and child
Davis, Miss, and sister
Davis, Mrs. Nettie
Dettlebach, J.
Dewey, Mrs., and daughter
Donahue, J. A.
Eastland, J. L.
Eastland, Miss
Emery, Miss Emma O.
Fallansbee, Miss Caroline
Fitzgerald, Capt. E. (F. ?)
Ford, Rev. Daniel
Freidman, Alfred
Frowbly, C. B., and wife
Hallan, Rev. S. K., and wife
Harris, John
Harris, Miss M. E.
Hartsoff, Col. A.
Hers, J., and wife
Hitchcock, Mrs. C. E.
Hood, Mrs. Joanna
Hubbard, Miss A. A.
Imrie, H., and wife
Jackson, John
Kemp, Mrs. Jno. H., and daughter
Kunsden, V., and wife
Law, Capt. R. L.
Lindenberger, Mrs. A. J.
Lord, Lieut. W. P.
Magee, Miss C.
Mansfield, W.
McClelland, J. A., and wife
McGeary, Mrs.
McKay, David
Miller, Rev. Mrs. G.
Nesbitt, E. A., wife, sister, child and infant
Newell, Mrs. E. A., and child
Palen, Mrs.
Parmlee, Dr. R., and wife
Phelps, Capt. T. S.
Phelps, Mrs. Capt. P., and 2 children
Plumb, Mrs. C. M., daughter and child
Polk, Mrs., 2 children, infant and nurse
Putnam, G. B.
Ranno, D.
Redfield, Leroy, and wife
Robinson, Mrs. C. P.
Rogers, Mrs. Dr. J. P.
Ross, H. M., wife and child
Ross, Herbert S.
Sickell, J.
Sinclair, James
Smith, Delos W.
Smith, Miss Susan
Sperry, Mrs., 2 children and nurse
Taylor, Mrs., and child
Vogelsdorff, B. W.
Wells, R.
White, Miss Etta
Whiteside, F., and wife
Wilson, J. C., and wife
Winn, Mrs. Jas. H.
Woop (Wood ?), S. A., wife, infant and servant
Wright, S. H.
Young, J. W.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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