California Bound by

New-York Times, October 12, 1867

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain (not given)
Sailed from New-York City: October 11, 1867

New-York .. Oct. 11.

Steamship Henry Chauncey.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall --
Avilis, J. C.
Baldwin, J. L.
Bowditch, Capt. J. L.
Brooks, Mrs. James
Brown, W. and J.
Campbell, John
Consuegra, P. M.
Dow, L.
Lamasa, F.
Millan, Antonio
Pahnnitz, Mrs.
Phelps, L.
Rathbun, Capt., wife and 2 children
Rothols, L., and wife
Schwartz, James
Williams, Mrs.

For New Zealand, Australian and South Pacific Ports:
Crombie, Miss J.
Grant, Mrs. Capt., and son
Hunt, R., wife and infant
Hunter, And.
Lassalette, F.
Ross, A., wife, child and infant
Scott, Jno.
Scott, Miss, and sister
Sterry, J. G.
Stott (Scott ?), W.
Taylor, C. B.
Tombs, P. L.

For Yokohama:
Kee, Eyei
Schumacher, H.
Seyd, E.
Seyd, O.

For California:
Aiken, W.
Archibald, A.
Beckwith, C. M., wife, child and infant
Beckwith, L., and daughter
Bennett, Harvey
Berry, Mlle. Henrietta
Boyd, O. B.
Boynton, W., and wife
Bradley, N. O.
Brannan, Mrs. L., son and daughter, 2 Misses Brannan and
Brayton, A. P., and wife
Breck, Rev. Dr. Lloyd, wife and 2 children
Bristol, Rev. S., wife and sister
Broderick, Annie
Broderick, Delia
Brown, Miss Emily
Brown, Miss J. H.
Brown, Rev. H. W., wife and child
Buckbee, Rev. Mrs. C. A., sister and infant
Buckingham, A. L.
Burnett, Mrs. H. C., and child
Burns, Miss Mary S.
Burnside, Mrs. J. H.
Burt, John M., wife and infant
Cadman, Mrs. S., and infant
Calvin, Mrs. S. M., daughter and 2 sons
Cape, Miss Emma
Carr, Mrs.
Chalmers, Lewis
Chandler, Mrs.
Clough, Mrs.
Cobleigh, Mrs., mother and infant
Cohen, Mrs., 5 children and 2 infants
Coles, Mrs. R., and family
Collins, Agnes
Conger, Mrs. C. M.
Cooper, E. T., and wife
Cowen, Rev. E. C.
Creigh, A. H. W.
Crowley, Miss Mary
Curtis, A. B.
Cushman, Dr.
Derby, Lieut. L. P.
Dougherty, John
Eastman, Rev. H. C.
Elliott, Miss A. A.
Everett, W. R.
Ewing, John
Fair, Rev. H. A.
Farr, George W.
Fay, C.
Fenno, F. C.
Firman, Miss
Fisher, Israel, and son
Fitzgerald, M.
Fitzgerald, Mrs., and infant
Foster, Col.
Frazer, Rev. Mr.
Good, Miss Lizzie
Greeley, Miss Pheba H.
Hamlin, Mrs. Mary A., and child
Hansen, C., wife and 3 children
Harins, R. R.
Harker, Mlle. Anna
Harris, Edwin, wife, infant and nurse
Harris, Miss M. E.
Hart, W. H.
Harvey, A. C.
Higgins, Miss Eliza
Hobbart, Miss Louisa
Humphrey, James J.
Huntington, Rev. Mr.
Hurley, Mrs. M. E.
Jones, Wm.
Joseph, Rachael
Kelly, D. O.
Kelly, Rev. L. H.
Kennedy, Mark S.
Kentz, Mrs.
Kilpatrick, W.
Kirby, A., and wife
Knapp, Mrs. A. S.
Knight, J. P., wife and child
Lagarus, Paul
Lander, H. W., and brother
Lane, Rev. G. R.
Lang, H.
Lang, S. W.
Larkin, W. H.
Latham, J. K. S., wife and infant
Lediker, John
Leipps, C. C.
Leland, Mrs.
Leland, P. E.
Lipker, J. B.
Logan, Dr. Thomas, and wife
Lovejoy, Mrs. John A.
Lucas, R. H.
Magoon, Mrs. Maria F., and child
Mahuken, J. H.
Mandeville, S. V.
Mansbach, Daniel
Marshall, Mrs., and mother
Mayer, H. J., and wife
McBain, Miss M.
McCannon, W. W.
McClure, Mrs., and daughter
McCormick, Mrs. P., and sister
McFaden, Daniel
McNutt, R. W., wife, child and infant
Mead, Alonzo
Medham, Mrs., child and infant
Meehan, James
Meeker, David
Mercer, Miss
Merrick, Rev. Dr., and wife
Michener, Chas.
Miehener, Mrs. H. P.
Miles, C. H.
Miller, Miss M. S.
Miller, Mrs.
Mitchell, Mrs.
Moffatt, G. G., wife, child and infant
Mohen, Mrs. H. E.
Moreno, F.
Morken, H. F., wife and family
Murphy, Lieut. J.
Nelson, J. G.
Nelson, Mrs. C.
Nelson, Mrs., and child
Nevens, Miss Matilda
Newell, Thomas F.
Newman, J., and wife
Nixon, W. M.
Noble, Paul
Norton, Mrs. P., and child
Obendorfer, Miss
O'Connor, Miss Julia
Otterson, Mrs.
Palmer, Mrs., and child
Parker, Miss Annie
Patterson, Mrs., and daughter
Pattridge, Miss C. M.
Pearson, G. C.
Perry, J., and wife
Petern, Miss C., and daughter and family
Petrowsky, F.
Pettinos, G. F., wife and 2 children
Phelps, Bethuel, and niece
Pilkington, B.
Platt, H. B., wife, daughter and niece
Powell, J. S.
Powers, Miss, and brother
Ralph, Jos.
Rand, Mrs. C. H.
Ray, Mrs. Mary L.
Reed, S. M.
Rees, H. W.
Riel, Mrs., and family
Roberts, H., wife and infant
Rockfeller, Lieut. C. M.
Rogers, A. W.
Ross, Chas.
Saffeil (Saffell ?), Mrs. L. E., and child
Schlegal, Miss
Scruggs, Mrs. L. E., and 2 children
Shaw, J. A., and 2 sons
Shaw, Mrs.
Shields, Charles
Sillotson, Rev. Cyrus
Silverstin, S.
Simeon, C. W., and mother
Smith, Abel
Smith, Mrs. G.
Smith, Rev. Mr.
Smith, W. H.
Snow, H. K., wife and child
Snow, Mrs. S., and Miss E. P.
Snyder, J. H.
Snyder, Mary
Southworth, A. B.
Stevens, G., wife and child
Stoffenbach, W., and wife
Stovell, C.
Stowbridge, Mrs.
Streud, F., and wife
Talmadge, Miss
Taylor, Chris., wife and child
Taylor, Mrs.
Thall, Miss Emily A.
Thomas, Mrs. H.
Thomas, Mrs. H. A.
Thurber, J. W.
Toltet, Mrs.
Traut, G., and son
Travern, Miss
Trimble, Mrs. Leonard
Trott, Miss Lizzie S.
Uhlfolder, S.
Wadsworth, H., wife and child
Ward, J. N., wife and child
Weeks, Mr. S. M., wife and child
Weeks, P. E., wife and child
Weil, M.
Wenzale, W. J., wife and child
West, Miss Anna
Whatleigh, C.
White, Mrs. N., and child
Wicks, Miss Martha
Wilder, H., wife, daughter and infant
Wilson, D. G.
Wilson, Mrs. E. J., and child
Woodbury, T.
Wright, I. J.
Wyman, Miss Josephine
Wymore, C. C.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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