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New-York Times, October 2, 1867

SS Arizona
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: October 1, 1867

New-York ... Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Steamship Arizona, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Arizona, for Aspinwall --
Allen, Capt. W. G.
Arbizu, Gregorio
Birdie, Walter
Buckley, John
Cariarrus, E.
Duke, Mr.
Enell, C. A.
Haber, E.
Jackson, S. W. D.
Koegh, W. B.
Livingston, J. W.
Loza, Mr.
Martinez, M.
McQuinn, J.
Murray, Mrs. J. B. C.
Murray, Mrs. Julia
Parsini, M.
Phillips, Dr.
Pyle, B. W.
Selig, Mrs.
Stefani, M.
Tattori, M.
Tattori, Mrs., and child
Valiaimo, R., wife, 4 children and nurse
Wilson, J.

For Central American Ports:
Carazo, Manuel
Clark, David
Echeverria, Jaun (Juan ?)
Gallegos, Jaun (Juan ?)
Montelegre, M., Jr.
Montelegre, Mariano
Montelegre, Robert
Obarrio, Gabriel
Ros, Jaime
Salazar, Antoine
Salazar, Jesus
Sanchez, V. H.
Tinoco, F.

For California:
Allen, A. D., wife and child
Anderson, Miss
Avy, Eugene
Barker, Mrs. E. B.
Barnum, Mrs. E. M.
Bassell, Lieut. J.
Benson, S.
Broselman, W.
Butterfield, E., wife, friend and family
Caddington, W. H.
Campbell, Lieut. J. A.
Chester, J. W., and wife
Childs, George E., wife, child, infant and nurse
Colton, Gen. D. D., wife, 2 daughters and nurse
Curtis, Lieut. E. S.
Dalton, B. F.
Dana, Mrs. M. A.
Davies, S. W. W., wife, child, infant and nurse
Detrick, Mrs., and infant
Dunstone, Thos.
Edes, Geo. A., wife and child
Eviluard, F.
Finegan, Maggie
Flint, Benjamin, wife and 2 children
Forbes, W. H.
Fowle, James H.
Getchele (Geichele ?), Francis A., 2 children and servant
Gifford, Lieut. J. H.
Gilman, Capt. W. A.
Grium, Mrs.
Grium, W. C.
Hall, G. S., and 3 children
Heuston, F.
Holcombe, S. E., wife and infant
Hubbard, Rev J. N.
Ingalls, L.
Jenks, Rev. Levi, and wife
Kast, F.
Kast, L.
Leoneks, M. R.
Leveredge, H. K., wife and child
Livingston, J. M.
Lockwood, D. W.
Massey, Mrs. A., 2 children and infant
Mayer, H., and wife
Mayer, W.
Merrill, J. C., and wife
Middleton, Capt. E., and wife
Mills, Mrs. W. H., and child
Moffatt, Walter
Moffitt, J.
Moody, Robert J.
Moore, George A., and wife
Nichols, Ella, and sister
Richmond, Lieut. E. T.
Robert, Major H. M., wife, child, infant and 2 servants
Rogers, Lieut. R. M.
Ross, Adolph
Sawyer, Miss Philena
Sawyer, Mrs. Leander
Sayward, Capt. J. W., and wife
Selvey, Emma
Shoaff, P. L., wife, niece, and child
Simonton, Mrs.
Smith, S. H.
Snow, Rev. H.
Sparston, Mrs.
Spaulding, Mrs.
Stanton, Lieut. W.
Starr, Mrs. A. D., and child
Steen, Mrs. W. O.
Steen, Wm.
Swann, Mrs. A. S., 2 children and infant
Thoraburgh, Lieut. J. T.
Thorne, Mrs. Capt., 2 children and nurse
Von Kapff (Kauff, Kaoff ?), Herrman (Contact: Michael von Kapff in Germany)
Waites, Mrs., and infant
Walsh, Mrs., and infant
Werner, J. G.
Weyger, Lieut. Barnet
Wickware, George C., and wife
Wilson, S. M., wife, and 2 sons
Wirth, Joseph, and wife
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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