California Bound by

New-York Times, September 1, 1867

SS Arizona
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: August 31, 1867

New-York ... Saturday, Aug. 31.

Steamship Arizona, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Arizona, for Aspinwall --
Ackley, Mrs. E. M.
Adler, Jonas
Baird, Miss Isabella
Balback, Chas., and wife
Balback, Leopold
Barrett, Mrs. Mary
Bartlett, Mrs. J., and 2 children
Baxter, Miss Maria
Blanco, Y.
Brice, W. H.
Carago, J. M.
Carman, Sherman
Cassidy, R., and wife
Chapman, B. G.
Conant, Noah, and wife
Conwell, W. O.
Cooper, Wm., and wife
Davis, E. S., and wife
Dinkelspiel, L.
Dinsmore, Mrs. B. M.
Dodge, W. S., and wife
Eisenmenger, H. E. F.
Field, H.
Frankenan, Miss
Frill, Geo. A.
Gassen, Mrs.
Gerhart, Sarah
Gibson, Lieut. Thos.
Gillen, Sister Ann
Gilmand, John
Goho, Stephen
Grau, Dr.
Grau, Mrs. Dr., sister, and child
Gregory, John
Hamilton, Mr.
Hayes, Act'g. Ensign D. M.
Held, Simon
Hicks, Edwin
Hirsch, A.
Hobby, Miss Eliza S.
Honsah, S.
Horster, Ira
Houghton, Mrs. G. E.
Howard, Mrs. J. R., and daughter
Howarth, Geo.
Hughes, J. P.
Hundesser, Mrs., and child
Hutchinson, H. M., and wife
Irwin, R. H.
Johnson, Col. W. Neely, and servant
Keyser, E.
Kithidge, Mrs. M. D.
Lane, Mrs.
Lawton, Mrs. Franklin, and child
Lowry, F. C., wife, and 2 children
Mansfield, Col.
Marques, J. R.
McDonald, J.
McDonald, Sister Teresa
Middleton, Miss Claude
Montano, E. Y.
Montano, Stephen
Moore, F. J., and wife
Morgan, Mrs. Capt.
Newcombe, Capt. D. H.
Nicholls, G. M.
Ogden, D. S.
Ougune, Mrs. (Senr.)
Pease, L. C., wife and infant
Peterson, Lieut.
Petschousoff, Capt.
Phillips, W. F.
Rambach, D.
Ransour, S., and wife
Rathbun, Miss
Reeves, Miss Harriet A.
Reyes, Elias
Richerd, G.
Rousseau, Capt.
Rousseau, Gen., and son
Rousseau, Lieut.
Rousseau, Miss
Sanfraneo, Jas.
Sanfraneo, Joaquin
Savine, Rev. Father
Sawyer, L. S. B.
Sherrer, Miss Anna
Sloan, Miss Ida S.
Snow, Mrs. Sarah
Styewart, C. E.
Troyo, J. R. R.
Uribe, J. V.
Weeden, Lieut.
Welden, Misses Sarah and Mary
Weldon, Mrs. Capt., child and infant
Wild, E., wife and daughter
Wiley, E. H., and wife
Williams, Theodore
Williamson, Major D. J.
Wise, C. E., and wife
Wood, Capt. A. D.
Woodward, D. S.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage, also a detachment of United States soldiers.

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