California Bound by

New-York Times, August 22, 1867

SS Rising Star
Captain Seabury
Sailed from New-York City: August 21, 1867

New-York ... Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Steamship Rising Star, Seabury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Star, for Aspoinwall --
Arosemena, F.
Barreda, Felipe
Beckhardt, Miss
Behrendt, E.
Bell, Miss M. A.
Birmingham, John
Bliss, Miss S.
Bolton (Boiton ?), Guiton
Bowie, A. J., Jr.
Brooks, George
Brown, Miss S. L.
Brown, Mrs., daughter, child and infant
Brownell, J. H.
Brownell, J., wife and family
Burns, J.
Burt, C. M.
Cross, W. B., wife and infant
Crossland, Charles
Crossland, James
De Mir, Antonio, and wife
Denzer, Louis
Dickinson, Master George
Drew, Francis D.
Elfeldt, E. B.
Elliott, Fredk.
Erickson, Miss Lucy
Everett, Miss Carrie E.
Fields, Mrs. L. L.
Frankman, Max
Gawne, John
Goodale, J. H.
Gove, Mrs. G., and child
Granados, J. J. D.
Harman, Mrs., and child
Heald, E. P.
Holt, C. H.
Hughes, Mrs., child and infant
Huntley, E.
Huntley, Mrs., 2 daughters and 2 children
Jacobi, M.
Jaquith, E. M., wife, 2 children and infant
Journi, Jane Maria
Katz, Israel
Kolskuff, Capt.
Lawton, John
Levi, A. A.
Mack, J. K.
Martin, Ralph
Mencke, G., and wife
Osmer, Mrs.
Pennoyer, Miss Addie
Pettijohn, W. C.
Peyser, S. A.
Plum, Charles M. J., and 2 daughters
Rice, Joseph F.
Riley, P., wife and child
Sarcombie, Mrs. S. E., and child
Schaffer, Wm.
Seymour, Mrs.
Shank, Miss Mary A.
Smith, Arthur A.
Solari, P.
Soule, C. H.
Stoddard, G. V.
Terrell, Mrs., and child
Tisdale, S. C.
Turpie, David
Von Sohr, Mrs. A.
Walbridge, Mrs., and son
Webster, James
Weidler, B. F.
Weinbrenner, H. N., and wife
West, Miss
West, Robert, wife and 2 children
Whittle, Hugh, and child
Wright, B. H.
and a large number in the second cabin and steerage.

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