California Bound by

New-York Times, August 11, 1867

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Conner
Sailed from New-York City: August 10, 1867

New-York ... Saturday, Aug. 10 .

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Conner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall --
For Yokohama:
Crace, E.
King, Norman F.
Sands, M., wife, infant and nurse

For Hong Kong:
Lowry, H. H., and wife

For Shanghai:
Hartwell, Rev. Chas., wife and child
Lindsley, John
Peet, Miss Jennie L.

For Aspinwall and Panama:
Azambuja, Martin, and servant
Belden, Samuel H.
Braun, John
de Azambuja, Counselor, Minister from Brazil, in the United States of Columbia, his niece and sons
de Azambuja, S. M. Nascentes, attache to the Mission
Dresberry, G., and Young America (?)
Guien, F.
Phinney, Alvin
Renauld, H.
Walters, Capt. John
Weiner, E. O.
Weston, Alfred

For San Francisco:
Alcorn, S. F.
Alvord, W.
Anderson, Nich.
Attick, Mrs. Mary
Babcock, H. S.
Barker, Miss F. C.
Barry, Miss A. C.
Bascheder, A., wife and son
Beach, Mrs. I. D. C.
Bent, Mrs.
Bradley, Isadore
Bruser, Mrs. M., and infant
Bryant, Mr. Dan, and wife
Buffington, John M.
Burton, Miss Kate
Caseneau, Mrs.
Chamberlain, Miss
Chandler, S.
Charles, Mrs.
Chum, Samuel, and wife
Cicott, Master T. C.
Cohn, M.
Colborne, Geo.
Conany, Miss Ellen M.
Crum, Wm.
Diermanse, H. P.
Dow (Dew ?), Martin
Dow (Dew ?), Mrs. T. A., and infant
Duval, Mrs., and infant
Eagan, Rev. F. D.
Edwards, Mrs. S., and 2 children
Eldridge, J. O., and wife
Engler, Miss H.
Fechheimer, M. S.
Fitzgerald, Mrs. J., child and infant
Gainsford, Chas.
Gates, Chas. T., and wife
Gates, Miss Emma J.
Gerhardy, C.
Gilmore, Robert, and wife
Gordon, Geo.
Gordon, Mrs. G., and daughter
Greenwood, W. M.
Grover, B. P.
Hass, Chas., and son
Hatch, Mrs. E., and 2 children
Hawkins, Miss M. A.
Herrick, G.
Higgins, Charles
Hoffman, Mrs. and Miss
Hule, Mrs. C., and infant
Jennings, Mrs. E.
Keiser, Geo.
Kerr, J. Watt
Kerwan, Thos.
Killip, Mrs.
King, Emma
Lambert, Miss
Lesser, Chas.
Levi, M.
Mann, Mrs. A., and son
McBishop, A. (paymaster)
Merwin, H., and wife
Morst (Horst ?), Wm.
Newton, Morris
Ogden, R. L.
Packsher, L.
Paine, E. S., and wife
Pearson, P. S., and wife
Phinney, Rev. Dr.
Reider, Kate
Reider, S. A.
Rich, Jacob
Richardson, Ira, wife, child and infant
Robbins, Mrs. R., and daughter
Root, J.
Seager, Henry
Seiberlich, S. C.
Selig, Simon, and wife
Sessenton, Mrs., and child
Smith, Anna
Smith, Jas.
Snell, G. W.
Spaulding, G. W.
Spooner, F. C.
Stewart, Mrs. E. T.
Stire, N.
Tithril, M. T.
Todd, Mrs. C.
Upton, M. G., wife, child and infant
Vary, J. H.
Vogel, Wm., and wife
Walton, Dr. T. C.
Welton, Mrs.
White, E. W.
Worth, Eliza
Yessler, Mrs. S. B.
Young, Rev. M. J.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage; also a detachment of United States troops.

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