California Bound by

New-York Times, July 21, 1867

SS Rising Star
Captain Seabury
Sailed from New-York City: July 20, 1867

New-York .. Saturday, July 20.

Steamship Rising Star, Seabury, Aspinwall and Pacific.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Star, for Aspinwall --
Armand, Alexander
Armand, John
Ashton, Miss C.
Atkinson, J. B.
Ball, A. H.
Battles, Mrs., and child
Blitz, Mrs. B. S.
Buchanan, Lieut.
Carmichael, J.
Chandler, L.
Chubb, F. W.
Church, W. S.
Clark, D. P.
Coan, S. L.
Coe, L. W.
Coffin, Mrs. J. W., and daughter
Cohen, J.
Cohen, Miss
Conley, John
Connelly, J.
Crawford, M.
Culver, E. A.
Dingon, Mrs., and daughter
Doherty, Mrs. Ann
Donigan, Miss A. B.
Doughitt, D. W., wife and child
Dunegan, John, and wife
Fisher, Lieut., and wife
Fry, Capt.
Furstenthal, G. R.
Gance, W., and wife
Gilman, B., (Purser)
Gray, Rev. J. B.
Hall, A. E.
Hall, Israel
Hammond, Miss
Havenagie (Havenagle ?), W. A., and wife
Henry, Miss Fannie
Hill, J. F.
Hoff, Dr.
Howland, R. M.
Howlett, Mrs.
Hunt, Lieut.
Hyams, Edward
Johnson, Mrs. C. A.
Kendall, Miss Ada
Knox, Mrs. E. M.
Lamphear, Mrs. Mary A., and child
Levy, Charles
Levy, S. A.
Lewis, P.
Lubbock, Capt. W. M.
Madden, Mrs.
Marey, Mrs. Paymaster
Marsh, E. B., wife, child and infant
Mason, John, and wife
Meinke, J. F.
Moffatt, Dr.
Muzzey, E. L.
Muzzey, Miss Lemira
Norman, W.
Ogelsby, Major
Phillips, E.
Pratt, F. S.
Rearie, P. A.
Ris6ng (Rising ?), W. B.
Roberts, Thomas
Schaffer, J. F.
Seaman, Mrs. B.
Sheridan, P. B., wife and child
Smith, Gen. Kilby
Styles, W. Lee
Todd, Mrs. John
Townsend, W.
Voigt, Dr. C. B. F., and wife
Walsh, W., and wife
Warfield, T. P.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage. Also a detachment of United States soldiers.

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