California Bound by

New-York Times, July 3, 1867

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Conner
Sailed from New-York City: July 1, 1867

New-York .. July 1.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Conner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Ocean Queen, for Aspinwall --
Agars (?), M.
Arguello, R.
Armstrong, Mrs.
Armstrong, R. W.
Bingham, E.
Bonnett, P.
Brown, J. P., and wife
Bueno, Felipe Latore
Burns, P.
Bushnell, A.
Carothers, Mrs. S. A.
Chabeir, Mrs. Margarita, and child
Colleen, Hugh
Cuthrie, W.
Davis, Capt. G. W.
Debeck, H., and wife
Dimoud (Dimond ?), E. H.
Dodge, Lieut.
Donahue, Jos.
Elespum, Mlle. Zoyla
Elias, Antonio
Elias, Ferdinand
Figea, F.
Forbes, Abram B.
Frank, Joseph H.
Franklin, Mrs., sister, nurse and infant
Freeman, F. S., and wife
Furiger, Mlle. Julie
Gilman, Alvah
Glueck, Mrs., and infant
Gould, A. S.
Green, Jos.
Hallidae, A. S.
Halliday, Frank
Hanke, Herman
Harris, Mrs. J. Hamilton
Havener (?), G. E.
Heath, R. W.
Herschtfeld (?), G. (O. ?)
Hickox, George O. (C. ?)
Holt, Miss
Horrow, Kelles
Houston, Lieut. W. F.
Houx, J. S.
Irwin, James
Johnston, Jos.
Johnston, Major W. H., wife and family
Johnston, W.
Keyt, A. C., wife and infant
Kutz, Francisco
Landlan, Thomas, wife and 4 children
Lerre, V.
Lowry, J. A.
Lyons, Wm.
Main, Charles P., wife and son
Main, Miss F. B.
Mansfield, C. D., paymaster
Miggitt, R.
Montaryo, N.
Montaryo, Roman
Moore, Gov., wife, 2 children and secretary
Morsetti, C. (O. ?)
Moses, W. E.
Mudd, Asa
Myers, P. V. M.
Nelson, Fred.
Ogg, Simon, and wife
Ortez, J. B.
Orton, Jas.
Paris, Miss Maria
Pendleton, A., and wife
Peterson, (?).
Power, Assistant Surgeon
Raymond, Felipe
Raymond, J. R.
Ronig, T. E.
Ryan, Miss N.
Sanders, Miss
Saul, S. S.
Serrano, Dr.
Simon, D., wife and infant
Spencer, Christopher
Spier, Capt. W. F.
Stanton, Phineas
Steinberger, Julius
Thompson, Robert
Vedoga, Manuel
Wells, Otto
Wilcox, G.
Williams, Fred D.
Williamson, A. A., and wife
Williamson, John A.
Winchester, E. H., wife and child
Wingard, Col. C. W., wife, nurse and family
Wood, Lieut. W. W.
Woolf, Mrs.
Wright, Charles L. E.
Zubiega, A.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage; also a detachment of U.S. soldiers.

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