California Bound by

New-York Times, March 22, 1867

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Harris
Sailed from New-York City: March 21, 1867

New-York ... Thursday, March 21.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Harris, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Ocean Queen, for Aspinwall --
Allen, J.
Bard, John, and son
Bean, Mrs. M. A., and children
Blackeny, Thos. G.
Brousen, Antonio
Bursee, Miss Sarah
Caff, Emilie P.
Carlisle, Miss
Carter, W. J.
Chase, Miss
Clark, O., wife, sister, and 2 children
Cohen, Joseph
Crane, A. A.
Culver, John
Cutter, Ellen, and child
Douglass, G. B.
Dutch, Dr. Wm.
Dyer, James
Ede, Walter
Ellis, L. E.
Everhart, William
Falconer, August
Fassett, L. H.
Fletcher, Miss L. B.
Ford, D. R.
Fowler, Isaac O.
Fraser, A. A.
Gillespie, A., and lady
Golden, Miss
Graham, Joseph, and wife
Green, E. P., and wife
Green, H. E.
Harris, H. S. B., U.S.N. (paymaster)
Hastings, Miss J. W.
Hawley, John S., and wife
Hermann, T.
Holmes, D.
Huming, J.
Isaac, James
Joachinson, H. L.
Jonassen, Miss, and sister
Keatly, C. S.
Kuhl, H. G.
Larue, Miss
Lennox, A. D.
Levy, H.
Levy, O. S.
Maris, Joseph
Marquardt, Rev. L. G., wife and child
Marsh, L. W., wife and infant
McLeod, H.
McPherson, A.
McQueen, A. J., and wife
Merchers, G. C.
Orcutt, Moses
Perkins, C.
Pigott, Mrs.
Pooly, John H.
Ricarerte, Miss V.
Rice, Paul
Riddle, E. E., and wife
Rittner, E.
Rivera, Miss Mary C.
Rivers, Miss
Robertson, A.
Sailor, G. H., and wife
Sanders, Jacob
Sheridan, Kate
Sheridan, Margaret
Sheridan, Mary
Sinclair, Miss
Spencer, A., and wife
Stanton, Thomas E.
Stulfoot, A.
Thomas, J. M.
Topletz, F.
Verusay, G.
Walters, Miss
Watson, A. J.
Watson, Miss C.
Welhoff, Miss J.
Whelan, John R.
Whitaker, Rev. O. O., and wife
White, A.
Wilson, Miss
and a large number in second cabin and 250 in steerage.

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