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New-York Times, March 12, 1867

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: March 11, 1867

New-York ... Monday, March 11.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall --
Aukenny (Ankenny ?), Levi
Baker, Henry
Berg, Jos.
Bishop, S. A.
Brown, E. W., and sister
Buckbee, Rev. C. A.
Burkhardt, G.
Buthman, J. J., wife, and 2 infants
Carruthers, Mrs.
Coggswell, J. P., and wife
Cohen, H., and son
Cook, A. J.
Copp, D. H.
Cunnungham, D. J.
Curry, Col.
Davis, Isabella
Davis, James
Denny, Hon. A. A.
Dore, Benjamin
Dorrance, W. F. F.
Doughty, M., and wife
Edson, E. B., and wife
Elliott, D. L.
Elliott, S. G.
Emerson, B.
Fitch, G. K., wife, 2 children and nurse
Fletcher, Mrs. Capt. C. A.
Ford, Dr. E. R.
Foster, J. R., and wife
Foy, J. B.
Foy, Miss Jerusha
Guger, D. M.
Harny, Miss Margaret
Henderson, Hon. J. H. D.
Hickok, C. F.
Hodgins, E.
Hunkley, G. W.
Hunkley, Miss S. A.
Huntool, L. R., and wife
Hurst, A. A.
Hyneman, L.
Jones, Edmund
Lane, S.
Law, A. H.
Lea, Rev. M. E.
Lewis, Judge, and wife
Lord, Dr. C. H.
Makin, Mr.
Marshall, James
Mayer, Jacob
McCabe, J. W.
Murphy, J. M.
Muzner, L. B.
Naiborne, N. A.
Nesmith, Hon. J. W., wife, 2 daughters and 3 children
Parker, Mrs. C. H., and child
Parker, N. B.
Platt, L. H.
Quinlan, M., wife and son
Reita, Mrs. G.
Richardson, Mr.
Robbins, J. R., and wife
Roelbsson (Roblesson ?), W. F.
Rogers, Charles A.
Ruliff, Geo. P., Jr.
Ryland, Richard
Salinger, Julius, and wife
Sanderson, A. H.
Slocum, Mrs. Amelia W.
Southard, Dr. Lott
Taylor, J. J.
Thuing, W. L.
Towle, E. W.
Truman, J. J., wife and child
Wadsworth, E. D.
Waggoner, Dr. C. C.
Wagner, D. F.
Wallace, B. F.
Watson, Mrs.
Wilkins, J. F.
Williams, W. W.
Withrespoon (Witherspoon ?), W. D.

For Yokohoma:
Becker, H.
Cooper, S. W.
Greeven, Andrew
Kramer, Carl
Melven, Sarah
Milton, W. F. Pendleton, J. V.

and a large number in second cabin and 280 in the steerage.

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