California Bound by

New-York Times, March 2, 1867

SS Rising Star
Captain Furber
Sailed from New-York City: March 1, 1867

New-York ... Friday, March 1.

Steamship Rising Star, Furber, Aspinwall, Pac. M. Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Satr, for Aspinwall, &c. --
Andrada, His Excellency A. A., Brazilian Minister to Chili, wife, 3 children and 3 servants
Andrew, Miss Kate
Arnold, T. J., wife and infant
Austin, C.
Ball, Isaac
Barton, Wm. T.
Bernard, A., wife, 2 children and infant
Blake, Henry
Blake, Mr., and wife
Bradbury, Miss Annie E.
Bright, Miss Martha T.
Brown, G. A.
Buck, Mrs. T. A., child and infant
Buckley, M. B.
Bucklin, N.
Burgess, Mary C.
Burgess, T. J.
Carman, Miss L. R.
Carman, Mr.
Carvey, Alex. M.
Casablanca, Dr. I. B.
Celler, M.
Cohen, B.
Cohnheim, Max
Comee, W. P.
Congle, J. B., and wife
Cosgieff, Mrs. Mary
Crooks, Mrs., and 2 children
Crowninshill, Jacob
Crumbaugh, P. C., wife and mother
Cutts, Miss
Dow, Capt. J. M.
Eaton, I. A.
Egbert, W. J., wife and child
Felton, L. P.
Friedlander, H.
Fritch, Martin, and wife
Ganz, Rudolph
Hannigan, M.
Hannigan, Thos.
Hannigan, W. and I. P.
Hecht, H., and wife
Hiller, H. W.
Hipp, W. C.
Hobson, I. W.
Hutchinson, D.
Hymans, I.
Jerome, Oliver
Jones, Mrs. R. L., and 2 children
Keegan, Mrs. Ann, and 2 children
Kelly, Mrs. M. R., and child
Kennor, Rev. A. E.
Kingsley, Mrs. E. E.
Lewis, I., and wife
Lockwood, A.
Loveland, I.
Macartney, Ellen
McCook, Gen., U.S. Minister to Hawaii, wife and servant
McGiniss, Mrs. N. h., and child
Mundall, I. H.
New, Mrs. A., 2 children and infant
Nichols, Mrs. S., and child
Osgood, Mrs. A. N., and daughter
Ossa, M.
Personnetta, M. W.
Philip, Simon
Piguet, E. D.
Revere, A. A.
Richardson, G. H.
Rosenstock, S. W.
Royal, Chas.
Sanders, Mrs. E.
Schuman, W.
Shingles, Miss Emma
Smith, Jane, and infant
Standefer, W. R.
Stewart, Mrs. L., and infant
Stover, Capt. D. R.
Swan, R. T.
Taylor, I. H.
Taylor, Mrs. P., child and infant
Tenier, W. A.
Towinare, F. F., and wife
Towne, I. W.
Underhill, A., wife, daughter and family
Walker, I. D., wife, 2 children and nurse
Watson, I. G.
Whittaker, Mrs. H.
Wilkinson, S. M.
Wilson, C. L., and wife
Wilson, Mrs. M.
Wilson, S. L., wife and servant
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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