California Bound by

New-York Times, February 21, 1867

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Harris
Sailed from New-York City: February 20, 1867

New-York ... Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Harris, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Ocean Queen, for Aspinwall --
Aaron, A. H., and son
Alexander, J.
Alsbury, Jas.
Baker, A. A.
Baker, L. L., and wife
Bartlett, C.
Bartlett, E.
Belhomer, Mme.
Birmingham, J. T.
Blair, I. F.
Bloodgood, Dr. Delevan
Boan, Rev. T., wife and infant
Boothby, Miss Lina
Breeferman, Max
Brooks, Mrs., and child
Byrun, Miss Viola
Chalavaut, Mme.
Curtis, J. A.
Davenport, Mrs.
Day, Miss Anna
Deaner, H. S.
Deaner, S. C.
Dickeman, B., Jr.
Doolittle, I. R., and boy
Doolittle, Miss
Doolittle, Mrs. I. R., and 2 children
Doub, V. B.
Eaton, H.
Edwards, P., and wife
Eichrodt, Max
Enell, Chas.
Felton, F. E.
Flint, R. P.
Frisbie, Gen.
Fyfe, G.
Goodenough, Ira, wife and family
Gray, W. J.
Grogan, H.
Hall, G. W., and wife
Hall, Miss C. A.
Haskell, Col. I. T.
Hemer, F.
Hill, C. L.
Hill, W. H.
Hilton, Miss
Hunter, I.
Ingalls, Mrs.
Kelly, R. E.
Kettler, Chas.
Kirkham, J.
Kretzer, I.
Lord, Geo.
Lord, H. A.
Lougan, Mrs., and infant
Lutz, Jacob
Macombe, A.
Martin, W. C.
Mastin, W. H.
Maxwell, John
Mayfield, A.
Mendlebaum, I. W.
Morton, Mrs. N.
Mustadler, J. H.
Newell, W. H.
Nichols, F. F. (P. ?), and wife
Nichols, L. H., and wife
Norris, Mrs.
O'Neill, Hannah
O'Neill, Mary
Oxloby, C., and wife
Painter, Emeline
Parlin, A.
Parlin, J., and wife
Payne, Jos., and wife
Phinney, John G.
Poole, P. O.
Purdy, J. E.
Reynolds, G. K., and wife
Rich, H.
Riggs, W. W.
Roberts, Mrs. A. E.
Rollins, S.
Ryan, D.
Saunders, T. C.
Schneider, M., wife and 2 children
Seelig, Miss Fannie
Sheppard, T. E.
Smith, E.
Squires, Thos.
Stark, A. R., and wife
Story, G. L.
Taggart, K. D.
Taylor, Mrs., and daughter
Thomas, Capt. R. T.
Treeston, W. W.
Vallarino, B.
Vaucher, Louis, and wife
Vilarde, W. M.
Voller, Mrs. Emeline, and mother
Ward, J. A.
Ward, Mrs.
Warner, P. H.
Wheeler, D.
Whittier, I. M.
and a large number in second cabin and 250 steerage.

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