California Bound by

New-York Times, February 12, 1867

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: February 11, 1867

New-York ... Monday, Feb 11.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall &c. --
Aguilar, F. C.
Albright, H. D., wife and child
Almendiger, Chas.
Bacon, S. S.
Bancroft, W. B.
Bandini, Rev. J.
Bennett, A. F.
Bowan, J., and wife
Bradley, G. L., and family
Bryant, A. J.
Bunker, C. C., U.S.N.
Burd, Dr., daughter and servant
Cabbell, R. W.
Carter, L. N., and wife
Cazerago, Rev. John
Chasman, J. H.
Clark, Daniel
Coates, Major J. R., wife and child
Cousins, Miss
Curley, P.
Dahlgren, C. B.
Dungless, Rev. B., U.S.N.
Edwards, Miss Winnie
Fisher, L. P., and family
Foster, John, and wife
Franconi, L.
Freeman, H. H., and wife
Freidlander, M.
Galanti, Rev. Jacques
Godwin, Dr. Mason
Greenleaf, C. H.
Hall, C. N.
Harod, J.
Hazeltine, Benj.
Hopkins, Mrs. E.
Hopping, W. G.
Horn, T. L., and wife
Hunt, John H.
Inoda, Rev. Henri
Jacobs, J.
Judson, T. R., wife, and child
Lehman, B., and family
Livermore, Elijah
Mayer, S. D., and wife
McCausland, T.
Mead, Thos. J.
Michaels, A. W.
Palmer, Marvin, and wife
Piercy, D. J.
Ponte, Rev. J. B.
Porter, J. R.
Rice, H. B., and wife
Ritchie, Wm.
Sample, Mrs. D. R., and child
Savoski, Lieut., Russian Navy
Selvey, John and C. M.
Selvey, Mrs., 2 daughters and children
Silliman, Prof.
Smith, E. H.
Spencer, H.
Spencer, J. R.
Stabler, S. J.
Steuben, Z., and wife
Terragna, Rev. F.
Theobald, A. L.
Thwing, E. W.
Thwing, Miss
Totten, Col. G. N.
Triplett, T. W., and family
Turpin, Mrs.
Vickroy, G. H.
Wagenheim, A. L., and wife
Walker, L. P.
Wohman, J.
Wood, E.
Wood, Jas. B., U.S.N.
and many in second cabin and steerage.

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