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New-York Times, February 2, 1867

SS Rising Star
Captain Furber
Sailed from New-York City: February 1, 1867

New-York ... Friday, Feb. 1.

Steamship Rising Star, Furber, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Rising Sun*, for Aspiwall --
* newspaper typographical error. No ship named "Rising Sun" operated by P.M.S.S.C.

Adler, M.
Ashley, Mrs., and girl
Bean, J.
Bernard, Charles
Berry, Bridget
Beveredge, John
Bird, Lieut. Chas. A.
Breyer, Chas. Z.
Brooks, J. H.
Brown, E., and wife
Brown, Jesse P.
Buchanan, Henry
Buchanan, W. A., wife, and child
Bullis, Mrs. A. M.
Burnett, Wm.
Burry, Joseph
Carpenter, G. W.
Chapman, W. A., Jr.
Cheney, Mrs. j.
Clender, G., Jr.
Coghill, Mrs. W. N., 2 children and nurse
Cohn, J.
Dailey, B. H.
Dalton, Miss Nellie
Dickinson, D. B.
Eatin, C. J.
Eaton, J. A.
Eddy, Col., wife and child
Filden, Dr. F. W., wife and 2 children, infant and nurse
Foklass, M.
Foklass, Miss
Foster, Miss
Frank, Gen. Paul
Fuller, Mrs. O. H.
Gallagher, John B.
Gill, Edward, and wife
Goldwater, A., wife and child
Green, C.
Harthorn, Mrs. B. G., and child, E. H.
Hassing, D.
Hattan, Thomas
Held, Mrs.
Henricks, G.
Hodge, J. C.
Holleben, Oscar
Hughes, H. J.
Hughes, R. N.
Ingersoll, W. E.
Isham, W. B., and wife
Jacobi, L.
Johnson, C. J.
Kelly, P.
Kinkead, Miss Lucy
Knowlton, Chas., wife and infant
Ladd, W. H., and wife
Laughlin, R. R.
Lewis, S.
Lockwood, R. A.
Low, Adolph A.
Merritt, F. H.
Miller, Mrs. Mary
Moore, R. H.
Murphy, H.
Murray, James
Murray, Mrs., and 3 children
Nouh, Miss Josephine
O'Brien, Rev. Mr.
O'Leary, Rev. Mr.
O'Neil, Thomas, and boy
Oppenheim, M.
Platt, J. C.
Pritchard, W. P.
Rice, L.
Rice, Miss M.
Rice, Mrs. M.
Rich, D. W.
Richards, Mrs.
Ripley, J. L.
Roberts, Mary, and 2 children
Roberts, Samuel
Sanford, E., and wife
Sanger, H. F.
Sanger, H. H.
Schenck, J. S.
Shambo, P.
Simpson, Mrs., 2 children and infant
Spencer, John A.
Steware (Stewart ?), H. E.
Thomas, F. F.
Tomlinson, Rev. R.
Villaceque, Mme.
Warner, Miss Lizzie
Warner, Mrs., 2 daughters and child
Weldy, Capt. Seth
Windren, L. H.
Woodan, S.
Woodworth, Sarah L.
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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