California Bound by

New-York Times, January 22, 1867

SS Ocean Queen
Captain Harris
Sailed from New-York City: January 21, 1867

New-York ... Monday, Jan. 21.

Steamship Ocean Queen, Harris, Aspinwall, Pacific mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Ocean Queen for Aspinwall --
Adams, J. H.
Baker, N.
Baker, W. S.
Bass, I. J., and daughter
Bidwell, A. C., child, and infant
Bird, Lieut. Chas.
Brickles, Edward
Brown, Miss Olive H.
Carelton, C. G.
Carns, C. D.
Carter, Mrs. Helen
Chapman, G. P.
Chapman, Miss
Chase, Levi
Chase, Mrs. Emma
Chidester, Miss Alice, and 2 brothers
Clapp, E. S.
Cobham, Miss Ida
Coghill, Mrs. W. N., nurse and 2 children
Cord, Thos. A.
Cosper, J. L., wife and child
Darling, Miss Grace
Davisson, R. G.
Doherty, Margaret, 2 children and infant
Fagg, John, son and daughter
Fonda, E. D., and wife
Fritz, Jas., wife and 3 children
Fritz, Mrs., daughter and son
Gager, O. A.
Gamble, Mrs.
Gilmore, Sarah A.
Glenn, J. D.
Green, Miss Mary
Hancock, Benj. E.
Harmony, B., and wife
Harrington, Mrs. E.
Harris, N.
Hastings, B. F.
Heath, Thomas
Hockstadler, E.
Inge, Col., and wife
Johnson, Mrs. M. L.
Joseph, Mrs. Ann
Judd, J. A.
Kellog, , Wm., Jr., and wife
Kent, H. A., Jr.
Killough, C. H.
Kunyon, J., and wife
Lange, Mrs., and infant
Le Babb, Mrs., and 3 children
Lee, Frank
Lepsker, Joseph
Levelle, Mad.
Lowry, H.
Luke, C. A.
Luke, Mrs. R., daughter, child and infant
Meerholtz, N.
Messner, Mrs., and daughter
Montgomery, J. H., and wife
Moore, S. H.
Neilson, Charles
Newman, Q. R.
Olmstead, Miss
Olow (Clow ?), M. E.
Painter, J. M.
Perchbacker, John
Phyfe, G. P.
Potterton, N. J., and daughter
Ronalds, Miss
Selover, James M.
Sheil, R., wife and 2 children
Shurtliff, Mrs., and child
Sidney, Col.
Smith, J. C.
Smith, Mrs., and 2 daughters
Sullivan, Theodore G.
Sutton, P. P., wife and infant
Thackara, Miss, sister and servant
Thackara, Q. M. S.
Toll, M. J.
Van Reid, Capt. W. S.
Villier, Jacob O., wife and 3 children
Webb, Sarah J.
Westbrook, J. J., and wife
Westcott, Mrs., mother, daughter and 2 children
Williams, Mrs. C. H. S.
Williams, W. J.
Winkleman, Rosina
and a large number in second cabin and steerage.

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