California Bound by

New-York Times, March 2, 1866

SS Arizona
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: March 1, 1866

New-York .. Thursday, March 1.

Steamship Arizona, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co..

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Arizona, for Aspinwall --
Abbott, C. F.
Abbott, W. A.
Ballen, Mrs.
Bates, J. W.
Beegan, Mary F., and sister
Beegan, Robert
Bradford, P. F.
Brooks, Mrs. S. R., and daughter
Burlingame, Hon. Anson, U.S. Minister to China, wife, 2 sons
and daughter
Calhoun, Mrs.
Carty, C. L.
Child, Alpha
Clark, David, J.
Clement, Miss Estella
Cole, Mrs., and 2 daughters
Collins, J. C.
Cordova, P.
Covill, Jno. W.
Crosswell, Miss E. B.
Cusick, Geo.
Dannenbann, S.
Davenport, John
Deane, Joseph
Delaynel, J. A.
Dowthitt, D. W.
Ellis, A. J., and daughter
Elwell, Mrs. M. E.
Frankenheim, F.
Fuller, Capt. E. E.
Gilman, S. B.
Gould, E. C.
Greene, Mrs. W. S., and child
Grenzbach, A. N., and wife
Hawes, W. H.
Heald, Nellie
Huerta, Andrea
Instram, P. S.
Jacobs, Mr. H., and 2 children
Jones, Miss E. R.
Justram, P. G.
Kelly, Miss L.
Kelsey, A. W.
Krouthall, H., and lady
Lane, Mrs. N. B., and child
Lansing, J. T.
Lebos (Lobos ?), R., wife and child
Luckitt, J. A.
Marause, M., wife and child
Marouse, M., wife and child
Maurhofer, M.
Mayhew, J. A.
McKay, John
Medina, C., and lady
Mering, Mrs., and daughter
Middleton, W. S.
Morey, Mrs. A. B., and 4 children
Mullin, W. J.
Naysmith, J., wife and child
Ogilvie, J., U.S. Navy
Osborn, W. H.
Pike, Mrs. C. C.
Porter, C. H.
Post, Rev. R. B., and wife
Ramsay, Col. W.
Reber, Dr. A. S.
Reed, Joseph
Reed, W. K.
Rippey, E. W.
Rosecrans, Major-Gen., and son
Scrimgeour, D. A.
Segar, H. W.
Simms, J. M.
Sperling, A.
Stanley, Rev. Dr., Bishop of Honolulu
Stanton, Mrs. C. E.
Stephenson, Mr.
Stuart, J. S.
Taylor, Abram P.
Tobin, J., and wife
Trait, R. R.
Trefern, Rev. J. Lewis, wife, 2 daughters and 3 children
Van Valkenburg, Hon. B., U.S. Minister to Japan, and 2 secretaries
Walling, J. M.
Weaver, Miss E.
Wilde (Wilds ?), J. R., and wife
Young, O. W.

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