California Bound by

New-York Times, February 2, 1866

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Gray
Sailed from New-York City: February 1, 1866

New-York .. Thursday, Feb. 1.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co..

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey for Aspinwall --
Adams, Samuel, and family
Allen, J. S.
Arentes, A.
Bacon, J. S.
Bailey, Dr., and wife
Baldwin, J. G.
Baldwin, L. R., and family
Baldwin, Mr.
Bedlisch, S.
Benson, W. B., and wife
Berningham, J., and family
Bradford, Mrs.
Brooks, H. S.
Butler, Mrs. S. E., and child
Carleton, G. M., and wife
Carpenter, S. M.
Coleman, J. A.
Cox, J. H.
Cox, Mrs.
Creighton, , J. M.
Curtiss, J. S.
Danforth, Ed.
Day, W., and wife
Dimond, Capt., and wife
Dimond, Misses
Dohnheim, Mrs.
Douglass, Roswell S.
Edmonds, Eliza
Fish, Capt. A. W.
Frankel, S.
Franklin, Capt., U.S.S.
Frime, Lansing, Jr.
Garesche, J. B.
Giberson, P. T.
Goldstien, W. H.
Hamilton, R., wife and family
Hartshern, W., and son
Hass, S.
Henderson, Mrs.
Heybrock, Mrs. S.
Hill, L.
Hill, W. H.
Horner, James
Howell, T. F. G.
Hussey, W. H.
Jenks, Rev. G. H.
Johnson, Mrs. S. G.
Knapp, B.
Lathrop, D. S.
Lewis, H. S.
Lowry, Mrs. B., and niece
Mansfield, W.
Martin, H. T.
Matheson, Mrs. T. D., and family
Mathewson, J. B.
McCarvin, M. M.
McDonald, E. A.
Merriam, Edward
Moran, Mary Ann, and sister
Morgan, J., and family
Newhard (Nowhard ?), J. M.
Ortiz, P. P.
Phelps, W. H.
Ramsdell, B. H.
Rosenbaum, Julius
Russell, W. A., and lady
Samparo, F.
Scott, Miss Eva
Skidmore, Joseph S.
Smith, Capt., and boy
Stanley, J. A., and family
Steinhardt, S.
Stevens, William
Stevenson, John
Toyer, C. W.
Tyler, E. D.
Van Fridagh, P., and family
Vanderslice, Capt., and wife
Wassermann, Miss P.
Watkins, Mrs.
Westcott, E. F.
White, W. W., and lady
Williams, Mrs. W. J.
and many in second cabin and steerage.

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