California Bound by

New-York Times, January 22, 1866

SS New-York
Captain Horner
Sailed from New-York City: January 20, 1866

New-York .. Saturday, Jan. 20.

Steamship New-York, Horner, Aspinwall, Pacific mail Steamship Co..

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship New-York for Aspinwall and San Francisco --
Adams, Miss
Alvarez, Mariano
Baby, Miss
Baby, Mrs. F. R.
Bartlett, Mr., and wife
Benrimo, H.
Bingham, A. C.
Bowman, J., wife, son and child
Bowman, Mrs. E. A., and infant
Bradley, Prof.
Bunner, Mrs. J. C., and family
Burhr_ (Burhre, Burhrs ?), Mrs. Sarah E., and child
Chapman, Mrs. A. C., and infant
Chase, Mrs.
Crane, Mary Ann
Crowe, Mrs., and daughter
Cunningham, Mrs. A.
Day, Miss
Dickenson, J. B., wife and child
Doling, Capt.
Douglass, David F.
Dubois, L. P.
Elmore, F.
Emanuel, A. H.
Faulhaler, Mrs.
Fay, Mrs.
Fessenden, W.
Fleming, Mrs. W., and child
Fowler, L. C., and wife
Freeman, H. H.
Gadens, J. D., and wife
Gaston, H. A.
Gough, G. W., and son
Greenbaum, M.
Greenwood, Mrs. J., and child
Grierson, F.
Hayes, Mrs. A. M.
Hineman, F.
Hitchcock, Mrs.
Hoadley, David
Hoadley, Miss
Hough, G. E.
Hoyt, G. W., and wife
Husee, J. J., and wife
Johnson, T., and wife
Jones, Catesby
Jones, J. Wyman
Keck, Joel, and family
Keeney, G. D.
Lander, Miss Jane M.
Lane, Wm.
Langdon, Mrs.
Martin, A.
Metcalf, J. W., and wife
Meyrick, Mrs., and 3 children
Miller, (Mr.), and wife
Munson, O. D.
Murdoch, Mrs., 4 children and 2 infants
Nelson, Miss M. A.
Page, Mrs. Anna E.
Paris, G. E.
Perry, V. W.
Plate, A. J., and wife
Purmott, J.
Roberts, J.
Robertson, W. J., wife and Miss Robertson
Schwietzer, J., and wife
Scribner, Mrs. Mary E., and 3 (or 5) children
Smith, J. M., Jr.
Stafford, F. E.
Stahl, Miss H. E.
Storer, Mr.
Stout, Capt. W. C.
Sutherland, Mrs.
Van Pelt, Mrs. B. D., 2 children and infant
Westbrook, (Mr.), and wife
Whitney, J. R.
Whitney, Miss Martha
Winder, Capt.
Winn, T. H.
Winston, Miss
and many in the steerage.

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