California Bound by

New-York Times, January 12, 1866

SS Atlantic
Captain Maury
Sailed from New-York City: January 11, 1866

New-York .. January 11.

Steamship Atlantic, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Atlantic, for San Francisco, &c. --

For San Francisco:

Allen, Mrs. E., and daughters
Bancroft, A. L., and wife
Barcon, J. M.
Barhydt, P. H.
Beandrey, V.
Bennett, Mrs. H.
Bolton, Miss Mary P.
Braley, Mrs., and daughter
Brown, Miss
Brown, Prof. E.
Corey, C. C.
Corey, Mrs. L.
Craig, Miss Sarah
Craig, Mrs. L., and children
Crowell, T. B.
Dow, E. K.
Edgerly, Mrs.
Elliott, John
Farwell, W. B.
Fendge, J., and wife
Frost, Rev. N.
Gaillard, G.
Garber, Martin
Garber, Silas
Gilbert, Jas., and wife
Goldsworthy, T.
Hardenburgh, P. D. W.
Harper, F. C.
Hawkins, Col.
Isaacs, M.
Johnson, W. L. R.
Kerr, Mrs. J. J.
Lafontaine, E.
Luke, George W.
McCurdey, E., and wife
McKendry, Col. A.
McKenzie, Mrs. M. A.
Morgan, W. W.
Morton, Lieut. F. B.
Muller, E.
Oayle, A. B., and wife
Osborn, A. M., and wife
Osgood, L. H.
Palmer, Mrs. E. M., and daughter
Purinton, E. M.
Reed, Mrs. G., and child
Sly, Mrs. M. A., and child
Stafford, G. B.
Stone, Mrs., and daughters
Strong, Lieut. R. R.
Walsh, P. J.
Whimple, V.
White, Mrs. L. L.
Whitney, Mrs. J.
and many in the steerage.

For Aspinwall:

Arthur, H., wife and sister
Arvsemena, H.
Bland, Thomas
Dow, Capt. J. M., and wife
Dow, W. H.
Hicks, Edward
Horton, S. S.
Menses, R.
Peraldo, R.
Richards, G. W.
Theiraud, H.
Vila, Gen. St. Domingo
Woolsey, W. W.
Wraquer, J.

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