California Bound by

New-York Times, December 22, 1865

SS New-York
Captain Robert H. Horner
Sailed from New-York City: December 21, 1865

New-York .. Thursday, Dec. 21.

Steamship New-York, Horner, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co..

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship New-York, for Aspinwall --
Applegarth, C.
Applegarth, Miss S. M.
Batter, Margaret J.
Benitt, G.
Bent, S. E.
Bissett, James
Bolognese, Col.
Boyer, W., wife and family
Boynsen, A. W.
Brady, Thos.
Burnham, Mrs. H. J.
Burns, Miss C.
Campbell, Mathew, P.M.S.S.C.
Carling, P. H., and boy
Caulkins, Mrs., and daughter
Chater, W.
Cheeseman, D. W.
Churchil (Churchill ?), J. L.
Clark, L.
Coleman, J. A.
Coleman, Mr.
Conrad, A.
Cox, Anson
Day, S. H.
Deamirant, J., and wife
Delane, J. A., and wife
Eder, Mrs. L.
Fairley, James
Fall, John C.
Fallon, Theo.
Fitch, J. A.
Fralick, E.
Gibson, Robert
Green, Iddo
Grinez, N. H., and son
Halpine, W.
Hamilton, G.
Hammond, J. M.
Hanover, J.
Harris, C. H.
Hatch, H. F.
Henings, Mrs., child and infant
Hoffschlayer, E.
Humphrey, Mrs.
Hurlade, M.
Johnson, Dr. E. R.
Johnson, R.
Jones, _., and wife
Kingsley, G. S.
Libby, A. F.
Lowe, A. B.
May, Henry
Messenger, Rev. Mr.
Miller, Mrs.
Minguelle, J.
Morril, Frank
Morse, D. A.
Nolton, Charles
Parker, Wm. H.
Perry, Mrs. J. F.
Pidge, John L.
Riggs, J.
Rome, John
Scott, Mrs., and 2 children
Seller, J.
Shillaber, Mrs. O. E.
Sitra, A., and wife
Smith, D. B.
Spinoni, J., wife and infant
Steele, Major-General
Strode, Mrs.
Templison, R.
Van Eaton, Mrs. R. D.
Vogt, Paulina
Von Eaton, B. R.
Whitehead, James S.
Wickliffe, N., and wife
Williamson, A. H.
Young, Harrison
Yuke, Miss Mary
and others in the steerage.

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