California Bound by

New-York Times, December 12, 1865

SS Atlantic
Captain Jefferson Maury
Sailed from New-York City: December 11, 1865

New-York .. Monday, Dec. 11.

Steamship Atlantic, Maury, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Atlantic, for Aspinwall --
Abert, Thayer
Adams, Frank H.
Aldana, S.
Alderson, Jas., and wife
Alderson, Mrs. Ann
Atkinson, J. S., and wife
Benedict, E. B.
Bixby, L.
Brown, Pauline
Butler, Mrs.
Cadmus, C. V.
Cadus, Jose R.
Caldwell, A. C., wife and family
Calisto, M.
Calisto, T. M.
Catherwood, Col. E. C.
Childs, Mrs. E. F., and family
Christmuller, Christian
Coe, J. T.
Colley, W. H.
Davison, Chas. E.
Delbuy, Ulysses
Douglass, Mrs. W. H., and 2 infants
Erwine, Mrs. S. A., and child
Evans, J. R.
Evins, J. H.
Ewen, H.
Fitch, W. J.
Foster, Joseph
Gilbert, S. A.
Gould, Major, and wife
Gregg, Daniel
Guarderas, Alyandro
Halliday, B.
Hashway, Miss
Hayden, Mrs., and 3 children
Haydon, Geo., and child
Helbert, R. E.
Helquero, G.
Herrman, Mrs.
Holcomb, C.
Huyck, A. S.
Huyck, Jeremiah
James, H. M.
Jerome, A. B.
Johnson, H., and wife
Joshus, Mrs.
Kales, M. W.
Kelly, Eugene
Lucas, B. W.
Marsland, Mrs.
Mason, A. M.
Morindon, H. L.
Paintor, H. F.
Paintor, Miss J. M.
Palmer, J. C., and wife
Payson, S. K.
Pivedal, Miss
Plaza, Miss A.
Rathburn, Mrs., and child
Reed, G. S.
Remhard, Margaret
Ribon, L. J.
Rockwell, Cleveland
Rothchild, H.
Royal, Y. R.
Runhards, Mrs., and infant
Samson, G. Whitfield
Schoeur, W. S.
Schofield, Catherine
Schuber, John
Silver, Col. J. S.
Stanton, Phebe
Stetter, Adolphus
Stevens, H. A.
Stevens, Mr.
Sutherland, Mrs.
Thurston, Rev. Mr.
West, P. C. F.
Whittal, Hugh, and son
Williams, Thomas D.
Wilyand, Annie
Wythe, Judge J. E.
and many others in the steerage.

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