California Bound by

New-York Times, December 2, 1865

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Alfred G. Gray
Sailed from New-York City: December 1, 1865

New-York .. Friday, Dec. 1.

Steamship Henry Chauncey.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinawall --
Alsop, J. W., Jr.
Auld, Mrs. A. W.
Babcock, H. S.
Bailey, Mrs.
Bailey, W. H.
Beale, Lieut.
Birch, Mrs. W. H., and 2 children
Bluxom, Mrs., and servant
Butler, Geo.
Chadwick, Miss, 2 children and nurse
Conness, Master
Cook, Miss
Davis, L.
Dawley, J. N.
de Benningham, H.
Donahue, Thos.
Edmonds, G. G., U.S.N.
Filkins, Charles E., wife and family
Forbes, A. C., wife and family
Forner, Erastus L., and wife
Foster, W. C.
Foster, W. C.
Goodfellow, Mr., and friend
Halme, J. S.
Hamilton, F. W.
Hay, Dr.
Hill, Mrs. D., and child
Hodge, J. G.
Holmes, P. B., and family
Howes, G. F.
Hunt, W., and wife
Hyde, R. E.
Ives, John
James, H. M.
Jones, Miss
Jones, Mrs.
Kaplan, L. D.
Kirby, P.
Leeming, Mrs. James, and child
Martin, Mrs.
McCrea, H., and family
McLane, Lewis, and servant
McLane, Miss Mary
Meeker, Mr. and Mrs. S. H., and daughter
Miller, C. L.
Minnez, Major
Moore, Mrs.
Mowe, G. W., wife and family
Mullman, J. E.
Nelson, Mrs. E.
Newton, Wm.
Oliver, D. J., wife and family
Parker, Col. Vincent W., wife and 3 daughters
Parker, W., wife and family
Ponnell, O. L., and lady
Poole, Mrs. E. A., and sister
Porter, Mrs. Nathan, and child
Prichard, W. B.
Pullen, E. H.
Rhodes, Mrs. S. L.
Robinson, Mrs.
Roy, Miss Lizzie Le (LeRoy or Le Roy, Miss Lizzie ?)
Rumi, Mrs.
Shipley, W. E.
Stearns, H. A.
Stewart, Mrs. Charles E.
Thompson, J., and family
Torrance, R. B.
Walmsley, Mrs., and 2 children
Wayman, Dr. W. G.
Williams, W. H.
Wilson, J. Y.
Wright, J. H.
and many others in second cabin and steerage.

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