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New-York Times, November 2, 1865

SS Henry Chauncey
Captain Alfred G. Gray
Sailed from New-York City: November 1, 1865

New-York .. Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Steamship Henry Chauncey, Gray, Aspinwall, Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Henry Chauncey, for Aspinwall --
Alden, Miss Elsie
Alden, Mrs. S. E.
Alexander, George
Ames, Sarah S.
Bacon, Frank
Bacon, H. D.
Bacon, R. H.
Baker, Judah, Jr.
Baquerizo, Jose M.
Barnes, A. N., and son
Barnes, Miss
Barnes, Mrs.
Benjamin, G. D.
Benjamin, Mrs., and child
Bennett, Ensign
Bonebey, J. C.
Bonstry, Mrs.
Booth, Newton, and brother
Booth, Washington
Brady, Geo. K., Brevet Major and Capt., U.S.A., and wife
Brandon, J. R., wife, 3 children and 2 infants
Brinley, C.
Brown, Mrs. L. A.
Browstead, J., wife and child
Bueno, M.
Card, Mrs. R. S., and child
Carr, Miss Laura
Casos, M.
Cheever, Mrs.
Clark, C. L.
Clark, Mrs.
Clement, Mrs. R. D.
Crump, W. H.
Cuperton, John
Davidson, M. O.
De Gogorza, Antonio, wife, secretary, and servant
Dubois, R. C., Lieut., U.S.A.
Edmiston, Mrs., son and daughter
Foster, D. B.
Frank, U.
Fry, Col. J. D.
Garcia, Pedro
Gardiner, J. T.
Gardner, L.
Gillis, Capt., U.S.A., and wife
Gilman, C.
Hamilton, A. C.
Hanies, Edward
Hastings, Mrs.
Hastings, Mrs., daughter, 3 children and nurse
Haycock, Mrs., and child
Head, A. E., wife and sister
Heller, Emanuel
Hill, Rev. W. H.
Hinkings, Mrs. M. F.
Hosbune, C.
Howard, Chas. W., wife and 2 children
Howard, Miss
Hunt, Henry O.
Jones, W. R.
Kane, Miss Alice
Kelly, S. J.
Keyes, Mrs. L.
Kimball, W. C.
King, C.
King, J. L.
Kip, Bishop, and wife
Kip, W. I., and wife
Kisaboo, Yahi
Kransch, Mrs., and child
Lamott, A., wife and nurse
Lamott, Miss R.
Lathrop, Mrs. S. B., and 3 children
Len, Geo. A., and wife
Lewilling, E. D., and 3 children
Limmer, Miss Grace
Lock, S. Morris
Long, Mrs.
Lord, Robert C., Lieut., U.S.A.
Loring, Russell
Lyles, J. N.
Massey, Albert P.
McDonald, Mrs., and child
McElroy, Miss M.
Melville, Mrs.
Mentuth, Rev. J., and 2 Misses Mentuth
Menzies, Thomas
Mills, W. H., Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A.
Miner, Mrs. S. B.
Mitchell, Thomas E.
Monteith, Mr.
Mott, E. B., Jr., and wife
Moxby, Mrs.
Munoz, J. M., and lady
Munsell, Mrs. S. D.
Neustadter, David
O'Connell, Capt. J. D., U.S.A., wife and 2 children
O'Meara, T.
Pandolfin, G. B.
Partridge, James R.
Patten, Mrs. L. A., and child
Payson, H. R., and wife
Peet, Miss E.
Perkins, Miss A.
Perkins, Miss S.
Peters, Charles R.
Pinney, Rev. J. B.
Pinney, W. S.
Rhodes, Mrs.
Robertson, Judge
Robinson, Col. W. T.
Robinson, Francis, and wife
Robinson, John R.
Robinson, Miss
Rogers, Mrs. R. C.
Rosenblatt, S.
Rowland, Lewis
Rumvill, Major
Sawyer, R. H. R.
Scott, Geo. M.
Scribner, W. R.
Sinclair, J. B., Brevet Col., and 1st Lieut., U.S.A., and wife
Sinco, M.
Skinner, Augustini
Smith, Miss B.
Stacey, Mrs. S.
Steele, Mrs., and 2 children
Stott, E.
Strong, Charles L., wife, and child and 2 nurses
Swartwout, Mrs. M. O., and 2 children
Sweet, L.
Tanner, Miss
Tanner, Miss H.
Taylor, Mrs., and 2 children
Thompson, George, and wife
Tichnener, H. B.
Ticknor, Miss
Tilden, T., and wife
Tracey, Mrs.
Tracey, Thomas G.
Treadwell, John H.
Turner, Mrs. A. J.
Turner, Mrs. P.
Valenzuila, Jose
Van Allen, Mrs., and daughter
Wadsworth, J. C. L.
Wallach, Mrs.
Wheelock, C. N.
Whipple, A.
White, Miss Josephine
Whitney, Prof., wife and daughter
Whyte, John, U.S.N.
Wilkinson, Warring
Williams, T. H.
Wilmuding, W,
and many in the steerage.

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