California Bound by

New York Daily Times, February 26, 1856

SS Northern Light
Captain Wamack
Sailed from New York City: February 25, 1856

New York .. Monday, Feb. 25.

Steamship Northern Light, Wamack, San Juan, C. Vanderbilt.

Passengers Sailed.

In the steamship Northern Light, for San Francisco via San Juan --

First Cabin--
Abby, Mrs.
Andrews, Mrs.
Banvard (Banyard ?), Mr., and lady
Bayles, W. P.
Belcher, W. C.
Blakenn, Dr. E. J.
Brown, John T.
Cassiman, John
Chipman, M. E.
Coates, P. A.
Connor, E. S., and lady
Creighton, John
Davis, Thomas S.
de Armas, F.
Douglass, Wm.
Edwards, J. F.
Fallon, M., and lady
Ferry, A. G.
Ferry, C. C.
Ford, Mrs., and child
Fridenburgh, Mr. J.
Guion, J. H.
Hamilton, D. B.
Harvey, John
Hayden, Mr., and lady
Hearst, Wm.
Heiser, Mr.
Heiss, P., and lady
Hoadley, Silas
Hollingshead, Mrs.
Howland, Miss
Howland, Mr., and lady
Howland, Mrs.
Hutchinson, George, and friend
Jenkins, Z.
Johnson, Mr., and lady
Lamah, E. H., and lady
Manuell, Fred.
McAllister, J. B.
Mead, Aaron
Merrill, George
Mittle, Mrs.
Muller, Michael
Myers, W. S.
Nye, Mr.
Page, Mrs. Frank
Partridge, Charles
Paston, Aba
Paston, John A.
Pell, G. W.
Perrine, W. H.
Randall, S. T.
Richardson, John C.
Rutherford, C. B., and lady
Savage, H.
Sharkey, Hone
Simmons, Capt., lady and 2 daughters
Spaulding, Dr. Volney
Stebbins, J. W.
Stevens, N. C.
Thayer, F.
Thayer, Mrs. B. B., and children
Thomas, L.
Waller, Mr.
Walley, Miss B.
Ward, L. W.
Wilkes, Geo.
Woods, L. W.
Woodward, C. A.

Second Cabin:--
Allen, Mr., and lady
Allmond, Jno. G.
Auston, Mr.
Baker, N.
Bartlett, G. W.
Bounier (Bonnier ?), Pierre
Britton, Miss A.
Brown, Arthur
Bryant, Mrs. Lydia
Campbell, A. D.
Campbell, C. T.
Campbell, D. L.
Campbell, Miss M.
Campbell, Mrs. M.
Chase, K.
Claypole, R. M.
Cobb, N. W.
Coyne, John
Curry, H., lady and child
Duran, Miss
Elliot, Miss A. D.
Elliot, Thomas
Felix, Henry
Ferre, Leon
Gaylit, Mrs.
Higgins, Alfred
Hyatt, Mr.
Kelly, Miss
Lewis, Mr., lady and child
McCauley, Mr., and lady
McConnell, Miss Ann
McDermot, Chas.
McDonald, Mrs. M.
McGourkey, John
McGowan, Charles
McMasters, Mrs. F.
Monroe, George H.
Monroe, Miss M. C.
Ongletile, Miss
Ortero, Mrs. R. C. P.
Parker, J. D.
Parker, Warren
Quinn, Miss C.
Schultz, G. W.
Shannon, E.
Simpkins, Mr., and lady
Smith, John, lady and children
Smith, Stephen
Smith, W. W.
Steton (Stetson ?), C.
Stetson, F.
Sumnot, Miss
Waldron, Mrs. Henry
Weir, James and lady
White, Rufus D.
Willard, H. P.
Wilson, L.
Wilson, Mr., and lady
Wilson, W. W.
Wing, Austin
Wooley, N. B.
Young, Miss Ellen
Zopiocio, Mrs.

and 450 others.

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