California Bound by

New York Daily Times, December 25, 1855

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: December 24, 1855

New York .. Monday, Dec. 24.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for San Juan --
Ackley, George
Atwater, H.
Austin, J.
Ball, Miss Cath.
Bemet, A.
Bernsteine, Mrs., and 2 children
Bidwell, O.
Biles, C. C.
Bolton, J. B.
Brennan, P.
Callender, Capt. S. D., U.S.A., and servant
Carroll, M.
Carter, A. T., and lady
Chase, Capt. Geo. ,and lady
Cook, W. W.
Cushing, V.
Daly, R.
Dingman, H. L., and lady
Dixon, James
Dixon, John
Doane, Charles
Doane, Mrs. C., and 2 children
Driscoll, M.
Elliott, T., and lady
Finman, H.
Ford, Mrs. (sic), S. E., and lady
Fredon, P.
Fry, John H., and lady
Ganon, Mrs.
Glenn, P.
Griswold, H. W.
Groce, N.
Gulagen, P.
Hammes, Miss A.
Hammes, P.
Harmon, Miss Louisa L.
Harvey, Mrs. Rosanna
Hays, Col. Jack
Hill, Mrs.
Hodgson, Miss Mary C.
Honeyshuger, J., and lady
Horn, Miss A.
Hovey, H.
Jewel, W. H.
Klapper, Mrs.
Lacago, O. T. G., and son
Lawrence, Miss F.
Locklin, B.
Lyon, A. G., and servant
Malouy (Malony ?), G. W.
Martin, D.
Mason, A.
McDongal (McDougal ?), Col. W. C.
Mead, A. W.
Munro, J.
Palmer, E. C.
Parkinson, Mrs., and 3 children
Peet, F., Jr.
Perry, C.
Powers, F. G.
Reilly, J.
Rose, Mrs. M. W.
Sanderson, Mrs. H.
Scott, Joe N.
Sigler, Thomas, lady and 3 children
Silman, S.
Singer, A.
Soverains, Mrs., and child
Strong, Miss K.
Strong, Mrs. E. L.
Sullivan, C.
Sweetser, J. E.
Thayer, G. and A.
Underhill, G.
Updegraff, J. H., lady and child
Walsh, J. W., and lady
Webb, N.
Wessell, James
Williams, C. H.
Yates, W. H.
Young, J.
and others in the steerage.

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