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New York Daily Times, November 10, 1855

SS Star of the West
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: November 9, 1855

New York .. Friday, Nov. 9.

Steamship Star of the West, Miner, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for California --
Aner, Miss Mary
Aner, Miss Mary
Bacon, J. C.
Batchelor, G.
Bell, E.
Belle, John, lady and 2 children
Birch, W.
Birdsall, Mrs. A. E.
Blakeley, W. G.
Boardman, E. L., lady and 2 children
Bolden, Miss S.
Boughton, H.
Bourgeois, S.
Brandrea, L.
Brighton, J.
Bulger, T.
Burns, P.
Cady, M.
Campbell, O. H.
Campbell, Wm.
Cash, F.
Chandler, J.
Clinton, De Witt
Colder, A. M.
Coles, N. B.
Connor, Miss C.
De Wolfe, Miss E. A.
Deaves, E.
Denny, Mrs. M., and child
Desalt, J.
Douk, Mr.
Doweled, M.
Draddy, Miss, and 2 children
Dudley, A. P., lady and 4 children
Dugin, Miss Louisa
Dunning, J.
Dutton, S.
Eaton, Miss E.
Edlow, W. H.
Ellerbrook, L.
Ells, G. N., and lady
Espinora, P.
Ferguson, J. A.
Forringer, C. B., and brother
Gaddes, V.
Gaillet, A.
Gregory, J.
Gregory, R.
Habisher, S.
Handy, Mrs. E., 2 children and infant
Harns, Mrs. A.
Hayes, Mrs. C. C.
Heffernon, Miss M.
Henfers, H.
Henry, C., and lady
Hiffenon, P.
Hitchcock, B.
Hitchcock, E.
Hogaboom, J. H.
Hogan, D.
Hooley, F. M.
Hughes, B.
Hussers, W.
Jenkins, A.
Jenkins, Mr., and lady
Johnson, Mrs. E.
Keach, B.
Kelsey, G. E.
Kimball, J.
Kincaide, J.
Kinniwald, M.
Lang, Mr.
Lee, Mrs., and 2 children
Lefarego, G.
Lehman, C.
Lincot, S.
Lind, Robert
Macumbres, J., lady and 2 children
Massa, L.
Mather, W.
Mather, W. W.
Matthews, E.
McAvay, T.
McDonnell, John, lady and 3 children
McKelop, Miss Rosanna
McKillop, Miss Margaret
Michelson, E.
Middleton, Mrs. H. M.
Mitchell, D.
Moody, A. J.
Mustos, G.
Neilson, O.
Nelson, B.
Noden, Miss Sarah
Nugent, M.
O'Donnell, J.
O'Donnell, J.
Oxford, Miss C. C.
Peatley, Geo.
Peck, O. W.
Pegano, S.
Pemberton, J. E.
Pender, J., and lady
Pooler, Mrs. J. R., and child
Purdy, G.
Rankin, W.
Raymond, C. C.
Reed, Miss A.
Reed, Mrs. Ann
Renaud, Miss Rose
Rinnell, L.
Roberts, H., and lady
Sanderson, J.
Sattvert, C.
Schley, Miss C.
Scowles, J.
Scowles, Miss
Seacock, Mr., lady and 4 children
Sersey, Mrs. R. J.
Shearer, Lewis
Slahant, J. B., and child
Smart, C. H.
Smiley, Mrs. Emily M.
Smith, J. B.
Smith, J. J.
Smith, John
Smith, W.
Spading, Geo. W.
Sprague, John
Sprague, Miss
Sprague, Mrs. and 2 children
Stafin, N.
Steffes, Anthony
Stoddard, M.
Storms, J.
Sullivan, E.
Thomas, M.
Thompson, H., and lady
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Toabman, C.
Walker, J. S.
Wells, S. A.
Wellwood, J.
Wentworth, M.
White, E. D.
White, J.
Whitney, E. L.
Whitney, Geo.
Wiebe, Mrs. A. F.
Wiebe, W.
Williams, R.
Williamson, Mrs., and 2 children
Willis, W. K.
Wine, J. H.
Wits, Geo.
Wolfe (may be: De Wolfe), Miss
Younger, Miss
Younger, Miss H.
Zorer, Max
and others in the steerage.

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