California Bound by

[New York Daily Times, September 21, 1855

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: September 20, 1855

New York Daily Times, September 11, 1855

New York .. Thursday, Sept. 20.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, Punta Arenas, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In the steamship Northern Light, for San Francisco via Nicaragua --
Abrahams, J. C.
Ackerman, Mrs. B.
Alers, Dr.
Alexander, Mrs.
Allen, Mrs. F., and infant
Ball, Mrs., and child
Barnes, Mrs. E.
Barstew (Barstow ?), Mrs. S.
Bartlett, J. C., and lady
Bartlett, Miss
Beaucroft, J. T.
Bithell, J., lady and 2 children
Bliss, L.
Bostwick, J. D.
Bradford, G. W.
Bragg, Geo. F.
Brennan, Miss
Brown, J. K.
Brown, Mrs. C., and child
Carey, Mrs. S. H., and infant
Christ, Theo.
Cleale, Miss Emma
Clinch, Miss E. H.
Cobbs, A. W.
Cook, M.
Cottrell, Mrs. S.
Cottrell, Robert
Cussans, Mrs. H. M., and child
Davidson, Mrs. E.
Davis, R. M.
Dawson, Mrs. S.
Dix, T. A. J.
Doriac, M.
Douglass, H. L.
Eaton, J. F.
Elliot, W. W.
Elmer, G. A.
Feral, Mrs. Margaret
Fitzgibbon, Mrs. J.
Flynn, Mrs. P., and 2 children
Forney, J.
Foster, G.
Foster, Mr.
Fostey, J., and lady
Foulles, C. W.
Gass, H.
Gass, Mrs. J. H.
Gibbons, Dr. D. P., lady and 2 children
Go_walls (Gotwalls ?), Mrs. C., and infant
Gore, Mr.
Greenleaf, Miss A. B.
Griffin, Miss Jane
Grossi, A.
Handgran, W.
Harndgran (Handgran ?), J.
Harris, Dr. E. B.
Hawkins, S.
Haynes, J. W.
Haynes, Mrs., and infant
Henderson, O. H.
Hennesey, J.
Herman, Mrs., and 3 children
Hobart, B.
Irwin, G. H., lady, 2 infants and servant
Jacobs, E. R.
Jacobs, J.
Jenkins, J. W.
Johnson, J. C.
Johnson, Mrs. J. M.
Joy, G. F.
Kerr, Miss J.
Kerr, Miss R.
Kerr, Mrs. W., and 4 children
Ladd, A.
Ladd, J.
Lafferty, F.
Lafferty, Miss A. J.
Lafferty, Miss L. E.
Lafferty, Miss S. E.
Lamb, Mrs. M., and 2 children
Lapham, T. S.
Lemon, Mad.
Levy, N.
Lewis, F.
Lophan (Lophans, Lopham, Lapham ?), S. S., and lady
Ludwick, Mr., lady and 2 children
Marsh, Mrs. Mary
Martin, J.
Maxarel, M., and lady
McCloskey, M.
McGowan, M. J.
McGuire, Mrs. M. J.
Mead, B. F.
Meyer, C., lady, infant and servant
Milos, M.
Mitchell, Miss H.
Naddy, James, and lady
Namoke, Wm.
Nane, A.
Newman, L., and lady
Nicolet, Mrs. J., and child
Nodd, J. M.
Olway, M.
Orcutt, G. D.
Oxford, S. T.
Paret, H. P.
Pasco, J., and lady
Patch (Parch ?), Mad.
Pendleton, H.
Percival, Mrs. S. W., and infant
Plumbe, Mrs. O., and boy
Prish, J. J.
Roberts, R.
Robertson, Mrs. M. E.
Robinson, H.
Rolland, D.
Rossette, J. B.
Rounds, G. E.
Russell, Mrs. R. M., and infant
Schaub, T.
Scudder, G. M.
Sears, W. H.
Sherlow, Mrs., and boy
Silva, Mrs. R., and 3 children
Smith, J. P.
Smith, Mrs.
Snow, Mrs. B., and son
Somers, D. B., and 5 children
Sprague, Miss M.
Stevenson, Miss
Stevenson, Mrs.
Stewart, M.
Stockton, H. C., and lady
Stone, C., Jr., and lady
Strauss, D.
Swift, L. K.
Taylor, Mrs. S. H., and 2 children
Taylor, W. H.
Thompson, Mrs.
Thorn, Charles
Thorn, W.
Thorner, H.
Thuner, George J., lady and 3 children
Townsend, J. B.
Truner, Miss E.
Truner, W. J.
Vance, James
Wall, Mrs. E. M.
Ware, Miss Jane
Waters, Mrs. A., and 2 children
Webb, C. C.
Webb, Mrs. S., and 2 children
Webb, R. H.
Well_ (Wells ?), Henry
Wells, H.
Welsh, P.
Whaley, S. J.
Wood, C. H., lady and child
Wood, E. S.
Wood, L.
and a full steerage.

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