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New York Daily Times, August 21, 1855

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: August 20, 1855

New York .. Monday, Aug 20.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, Punta Arenas, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In the steamship Northern Light, for San Francisco via Nicaragua --
Addison, G. C.
Allmark, Mrs. J., 2 children and servant
Andrews, R.
Anthes, F.
Anthes, Mrs. F., and infant
Bab, E.
Babbit, E. D.
Banenfund, D.
Barbart, G.
Barry, J.
Barry, Mrs., and 2 children
Beatty, E.
Berry, Mrs. E., and 2 children
Blethen, Master J. B.
Boegler, M., lady and 3 children
Bogler, Louisa
Bond, Mr. Ezra, and child
Botts, E. M.
Bradley, R. E.
Brown, G.
Bryson, Mrs., and infant
Buckway, H. S., lady and 3 children
Buell, E.
Bunney, Alex.
Burns, Miss C.
Burns, Miss Rose
Burns, Mrs. Mary
Butler, Mrs. Mary, and 2 daughters
Campbell, J.
Carl, Wm.
Carleton, Mrs., and infant
Carrick, Sarah
Caterault, F.
Coburg, G.
Cohn, Miss H.
Collins, M. A.
Collins, p.
Cook, Wm., and lady
Copen, B.
Copen, W.
Corkeny, Mary
Couglan, Honora
Crawford, Miss Mary J.
Curran, P. J.
Curtiss, Miss L.
Curtiss, Mr.
Dalpisar, M.
Darrell, J.
Darrell, O.
Davis, W. R.
Decket, C.
Degru, Mrs.
DeWolfe, S. J.
Diegnan, B.
Douglass, G. W., lady and 3 children
Driscoll, M.
Duell, J. H.
Dwyer, J., and lady
Eastebrook, W. W., lady, sister, 6 children and servant
Easwell, J. D.
Emerle, Jos.
Evans, D.
Evans, E., lady and child
Fanhausen (Fanhauser ?), M., and lady
Farrell, B.
Farrell, Mrs. E., and child
Fay, H. M.
Fayes, A.
Fellmeth, Mrs. M., and infant
Flannegan, Miss S.
Friedlands, H.
Futterer, Mrs. P.
Gaffney, Thos.
Galligan, Miss M.
Galur, J.
Galvin, Jas.
Galvin, Mrs. B.
Getchell, J.
Gibson, Geo. L., and lady
Graves, A. G.
Grosmer, Mrs. J., and infant
Hadley, John
Haley, H.
Haley, M., and lady
Haley, Mary
Hare, Mrs. Mary, and 3 children
Haverstraw, C.
Hefty, E.
Heitchcock, Dr. C. M.
Hench, L.
Heuretz, Miss Rose
Holland, Miss Mary
Hughes, George R.
Huntington, Mrs. C.P. (wife of Collis Potter Huntington, one of the "Big Four" who built the Central Pacific Rail Road which became the western portion of the first transcontinental railroad.)
Jacobs, H.
Jane, Miss Ignacie
Jones, A.
Joseph, J. F.
Judson, Capt.
Kashland, Miss H.
Kennedy, J., lady and 4 children
Kennedy, Mary
Kensey, P.
Kirby, J.
Lang, J.
Launborg, S.
Levansten, J. H.
Levitsky, J., and lady
Levy, S.
Lewis, Mrs. Mary, and 2 children
Lord, F.
Lord, Mrs. E. L., and child
Lovell, W.
Machilos, J.
Mack, C. E.
Malloy, C.
Marke, Mrs.
Martha, Ellen
McAidle, T., lady and infant
McCarty, Miss J.
McConnell, C.
McConnell, M.
McDonald, Mrs. E., and child
McDonald, Mrs. J.
McDonald, Mrs. Mary
McGrade, Thos.
McMahon, A.
Means, Mrs., child and servant
Moore, Alex
Moore, Eliz
Moore, J.
Morrell, Mr., and child
Morrill, Dr. C., lady and 2 infants
Morrill, Miss Kate
Morse, L. E.
Moses, Dr.
Mullen, Ellen
Murphy, Julia
Murphy, Miss Eliza
Murray, J.
Nary, Miss C.
Neiglas, Jas., and lady
O'Keefe, Mrs. M.
Otting, Wm.
Patterson, J.
Peterson, J. G.
Quinn, B.
Reading, Mrs. Mary P., and 2 children
Reed, Mrs. B. N.
Reynolds, P.
Reynolds, W.
Riley, Mrs. P., and 2 children
Roberts, Wm.
Ross, J. L.
Row, Mr. M.
Rowe, Eliza
Sabolio, P.
Schell, M., and lady
Schlat, Thos., and child
Seaman, Wm.
Sharp, B., and lady
Shea, H.
Simonds, M.
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Miss M.
Smith, Miss Mary
Smith, Wilson H.
Stanley, W. B., and servant
Stephens, S., lady and servant
Stevenson, R.
Stillings, P.
Sylvester, Miss
Talbot, S. C., lady and infant
Tean, P.
Wallace, Wm., and lady
Webb, J. P.
Weill, Curtiss L.
Welch, M.
Welter, Mrs. G.
West, Mrs. A.
Wheeler, Col. J. H., U.S. Minister to Nicaragua
White, Dr. D. C.
White, Mrs. A.
Wilbur, J. W., lady and child
Woods, m.
Worrell, Mrs. R.
Zimmer, Miss M.
Zimmer, Miss T.
and others in the steerage, making a total of 665 passengers, of whom over 200 are females.

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