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New York Daily Times, August 7, 1855

SS Daniel Webster
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: August 6, 1855

New York Daily Times, July 27, 1855

New York .. Monday, Aug. 6.

Steamship Daniel Webster, Miner, Punta Arenas, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Daniel Webster, for San Francis, via Nicaragua --
A_ze_g (?), J.
Adams, Wm.
Aldrich, Mrs. R.
Allen, J., and lady
Andrews, Miss M.
Apinstill, C., and lady
Arata, F., lady and 2 children
Armstrong, McK.
Arnold, J.
Arnold, Mrs. M.
Ashley, W.
Ba__ns, J. D.
Baner, Miss Mary
Bauser, Wm., lady and 3 children
Beekman, J., and wife
Beel, Mrs. Wm., and 3 children
Bleinlal (?), M.
Blethen, Master J. H.*
Booth, J. F.
Bouchers, W.
Brennan, P.
Brown, D.
Brown, J.
Buley (Bailey ?), J. N., and 2 children
Buller (Boller ?), H.
Burke, Miss M.
Burton, B., and lady
Cannon, A.
Castin_s (Castinos ?), S., wife and infant
Cheney, W.
Clement, J. C.
Clough, Mrs. C., and son
Codey, J.
Colby, P. T.
Coners (?), Mrs. C., and 3 children
Crocker, Mr.
Cronin (?), Miss Ellen
Davidson, T.
Delaney, J.
Dickerman, J. H., and wife
Doherty, Miss Catharine
Downs, Miss Ann
Doyle, Miss M.
Duke, J.
Eaton, Mrs., 3 children and servant
Evan, J.
Fisher, Mrs., and 3 children
Fitzgerald, Mrs. C.
Fly (Ely ?), D.
Fordham, M.
Foremen, Miss H.
Freeman, _. (?), G.
French, W.
French, W. H.
Gardner, S.
Graves, A. G.*
Graves, H.
Graves, Mrs. E., and 3 children
Graves, O.
Green, Capt.
Greenebaum, H.
Greenton (??), H.
Griswold, J.
Hafendorfer, C.
Haggerty, T.
Hall, J., and son
Hall, T.
Hall, T.
Hamilton, A.
Hamilton, C.
Hanniford, B. B.
Hasty, Miss
Hasty, Miss
Hasty, Mrs., Jr.
Hasty, W., lady and 2 children
Heart, Miss Cath.
Heinbang (Heimbang ?), W., lady and child
Heory, M.
Herschel, J.
Hobson, Mrs.
Hoffman, B., and lady
Hoffman, C.
Howard, J. N.
Johnson, C., lady and 2 infants
Johnson, Mrs. M.
Jones, C., lady and daughter
Karl, K.
Karl, Miss C.
Kast, Miss Emma
Keefe, P.
Kenney, D., lady and 2 infants
Kenney, S.
King, J.
Koch, A., lady and infant
Kuder, S. D.
La Rosa, G.
Langley, Miss Jane
Lannegan, L.
Lawan, Mrs. C., and infant
Lawrence, Miss J.
Lean, Mrs. E.
Lean, W.
Lester, T. G.
Lewis, A.
Lisingham, P., and lady
Livingston, J. (?)
Loder (Luder ?), Mrs. M.
Long, Charles
Lord, A. H., lady and infant*
Lucas, T.
Magee, J.
May, Mrs. D. (Dr. ?)
McDevitt, M., and lady
McGeary, Miss M.
McLoughlin, Miss M.
McMany, E.
McNulty, M.
McNulty, Miss A.
McQuillen, J. B.
Miller, J., and wife
Montgomery, M.
Morris, J.
Mulligan, P.
Murphy, M., and wife
Norton, J. W.
Ohearn, M.
Ohmer, Geo.
Oliva, B.
Oliva, G.
Oliver, H.
Owner, H., and lady
Parker, C. S.
Parker, O. W., and lady
Peacock, J.
Pennicoics (?), Mrs. C.
Polkington, R.
Potts, J.
Quinchard, J.
Quinn, M., and lady
R_ster (Roster ?), L.
Rafelto, M.
Ray, Wm. S.
Reynolds, A.
Reynolds, W.*
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Mrs. A. S.
Rogers, Wm.
Ryan, Miss E.
Sanderoft, A., lady and infant
Scanlon, Thos.
Schloss, L., and lady
Schyder, J.
Scribner, J. C.
Sheehan, Mrs. H.
Sheehan, Mrs. W.
Sherman, J. H.
Shields, Mrs. J., and infant
Sinclair, J.
Skinner, Mr. S. B.
Smith, John, and son
Strauss, Miss C.
Stube (?), Miss C.
Sullivan, Miss H.
Sullivan, Miss Hannah
Swan, Mrs. E.
Swartz, Miss C.
Thomas, T.
Thomas, Thos.
Thompson, A., lady and 2 children
Triste, G.
Triste, S.
Uoyle (Doyle ?), Miss Margaret
Wade (?), B., lady and daughter
Werts, Z.
Wheeler, J. H.*
Williams, Q. (?), A., and lady
Wilton, Mrs. E. S., 3 children and servant
Woodnutt, E.
Wright, Miss A. J.
Wright, Miss Mary A., sister and servant
Wright, Wm. P.
and 396 in the steerage.
* name also appears on the passenger list for the SS Northern Light, departed New York City August 6, 1855. Did they miss the SS Daniel Webster?

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