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New York Daily Times, June 6, 1855

SS Star of the West
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: June 5, 1855

New York .. Tuesday, June 5.

Steamship Star of the West, Miner, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for Puenta Arenas --
Albansser (Alhansser ?), S.
Armisson, J.
Arts, Miss E.
Barcey, Mrs.
Barker, T.
Barnes, C. P.
Barrows, F. A.
Bawm, D. A.
Becker, Miss M.
Beeh_er (?), W. H.
Bennett, A.
Benton, H. H.
Biglioni, Rev. Mr.
Bill, Miss C.
Bill, P., lady and 4 children
Bix_o (Bixlo ?), Rev. Mr.
Bliff, L.
Bliss, A. S.
Bliss, J. C.
Bohn, Miss M. A., and 3 children
Bond. Miss M.
Bowman, Jas.
Bradley, B. F.
Brooks, G. H.
Bryant, J.
Butts, A.
C_ry (?), Robert, and 2sons
Caidelar, Rev. Mr.
Caldwell, S.
Campbell, Mrs.
Carman, S. D.
Carney, Jas., and lady
Carr, Miss Ann
Carroll, R., and lady
Carrow, S.
Carry, Mrs. B.
Chappel, H., and lady
Claghow, E. H.
Clark, J. P.
Cole, Mrs. Jas.
Collins, Jas.
Connolly, Miss J.
Connolly, Thomas, and lady
Cotton, C. H.
Crip, Mrs. D.
Cummings, Wm.
D_moo (?), B., and servant
Delamater, G. B.
Dockham, Capt. D. S., and lady
Donahoe, Miss Mary
Downes, H. P.
Doyle, Mrs., and 2 children
Dunn, J. C., and lady
E_ngel (Engel ?), Miss Rose
Emerson, N.
Enwright, , T.
Evans, Edw.
Felkes, Jos.
Ferdinand, L.
Fitzgibbon, Miss A.
Ford, Miss R. (B. ?)
Frazer, J.
Frazer, Thos.
Freeman, W.
Gaffrey, Miss M.
Gammenette, P. E., and son
Gardner, E.
Garibaldi, F.
Garret, A. G.
Gassi, Rev. Mr.
Geer, Robt.
Goldberry (?), Alex, and lady
Gosling, G.
Gosling, Miss L. H.
Green, L.
Griffin, B., lady and child
Haight, Miss Cath.
Hall, J., lady and 5 children
Harman, Miss C., and 2 children
Harrison, J.
Hays, J.
Henry, Mrs. B.
Higgins, G. E.
Hilderbrand, H., lady and 2 children
Hill, Robt.
Hoffman, Chas.
Hoffman, Mrs. L.
Hutchinson, Mrs., child and 2 infants
Hyde, G.
Jackson, Miss E.
Jefferson, M. V.
Jennings, Miss
Jones, Mrs. G.
Ladd, Mrs. H. C., 2 children and infant
Lafrance, J.
Lemcon, John
Leslie, Jas.
Leslie, W.
Lewis, L.
Longee, J.
Luce, Geo. W.
Lurvey, R. T.
Marlett, J. S.
Mathet, J. W., lady and infant
Maurice, Rev. R. A. R.
McClure, J. S., and lady
McDermott, Miss B.
McEwen, Mrs. Ann, 2 daughters and 2 infants
McGovern, Mrs. John
McNanny, J., and lady
Melgions (??), Mrs., and child
Miller, Mrs. A.
Morsbach (Morabach ?), F. C.
Mowrey, C.
Murphy, Miss B. E.
Murphy, Miss L. H.
Murray, Mr.
Nelson, L. F.
Nye, Mrs. W. C., and servant
O'Brien, Miss Cath.
O'Brien, Miss Mary
Olcutt, E.
Patterson, G.
Perrin, T., and lady
Pinkham, F. B.
Pintos, M.
Platt, W. J.
Powell, Miss A.
Powell, Mr., lady and 3 children
Powell, Wm., Jr.
Remington, E.
Richards, G. W.
Richards, Mrs. E. A., and child
Richardson, H. R.
Robertson, W. A.
Robinson, Jas.
Robinson, W.
Robinson, Wm.
Royal, J.
Rudd, Miss Emma
Rudd, Miss Sarah
Rugg, J.
Rugg, U. C.
Sammiss, W.
Sammon, Wm.
Schlenberg (Schienberg ?), M.
Schutley, W., and child
Simmons, Thomas
Spalding, E.
Spalding, R. W.
Spengsted, R., lady and 2 children
Stead, Mrs. Margt., and child
Stevens, Mrs. G.
Stone, H. F.
Strout, S. S.
Stuart, Mr.
Stuart, Mrs. Wm.
Sullivan, Mrs. D., and 2 children
Taylor, Mrs. H.
Thenal, A.
Thomas, Chas.
Thompson, J., lady and 2 children
Tracy (?), C. C., lady, 2 children and servant
Turrill, Mrs. M. H.
Valentine, Edw.
Vallejo, Don J. W.
Vanderhoff, Alex
Vary, C. R., and lady
Vincent, J.
Vincent, N.
Weaver, F.
Weber, Geo., lady and 2 children
Weber, Miss W.
Wetherole (?), J.
Wheeler, A. J.
White, C.
Whitley, Thos. G., lady and child
Williamson, Eliza
Williamson, Wm.
Winters, Miss Jane
Wise, H.
Wood, G.
Wood, J.
Wood, Mrs. M. A.
and a full compliment in the steerage.

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