California Bound by

New York Daily Times, June 6, 1855

SS George Law
Captain Gray
Sailed from New York City: June 5, 1855

New York .. Tuesday, June 5.

Steamship George Law, Gray, Aspinwall, M. O. Roberts.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship George law for California, via Aspinwall and Panama Railroad --
Abbey, G.
Adams. J. L.
Alexander, H.
Allen, Mrs.
Ames, F. E.
Anderson, A.
Austin, H.
Austin, Miss
Bache, Mayor H., and son
Bagley, C. S.
Bailey, H.
Bailey, Mrs. Wm. M.
Bailey, P. B.
Bailey, W.
Baker, M.
Baker, S. G.
Banner (Benner, Bonner ?), F. M.
Barblo, R.
Barker, E.
Bates, P.
Billings, E. F.
Black, J.
Bloom, G., and lady
Bloomer, J.
Brennan, G.
Brooks, A.
Brown, Mrs. J. H.
Brunges, M.
Brunnell, S.
Brush (?), A.
Burbank, Mrs. C., and 4 children
Burgoyne, Wm.
Burney, J. A.
C_b_nmaster, Mr., and wife
Ca_lton (Carlton ?), Miss
Calhoun, W.
Campbell, T.
Car, J. C.
Carr, J.
Carral, W.
Carrol (?), W.
Chamberlin, B. S.
Chandler, S. R.
Chipman, E. S.
Chittenden, J. E.
Chittenden, Mrs. E. T., and 3 children
Coats, H.
Cohen, J.
Cole, B. F.
Combs, E.
Conea, M. A.
Cook, A.
Cook, Mrs. G. B., and 3 children
Cortwright, J. P., and lady
Cox, J. G.
Crocket, J.
Cunningham, A.
Cunningham, N.
Davey, P. C.
Davis, Mrs. G. H.
Davis, T. H.
De Bodisco, S. (B. ?)
De la Torre, Colonel, U.S.A.
Dempsey, E.
Dent, J. C., lady and sister
Derby, A. B., and wife
Derby, Mrs. L. and daughter
Dey, J. N.
Dill, J., and lady
Douglass, G. H.
Downey, W.
Downing, M.
Dumas, E.
Durin (?), J.
Edwards, J.
Elkers, D.
Ergo, M.
Erkson, Mrs.
Fairbanks, Mrs., and 3 children
Farley, Miss
Farley, P.
Farnham, W. C., and lady
Fay, P. H.
Feister, Mrs. C.
Feucke (Fencke ?), J., and wife
Finley, Mrs. M. J.
Finney, E.
Fisher, H.
Fisher, J.
Fletcher, S. C.
Folsom, J.
Forbes, J.
Francis, R.
Frazer, N.
Gallier, Miss F. R.
Garrison, R.
Gedge, Miss Ellen
George, Mrs. S., and child
Gibbons, D., and lady
Goldsmith, J.
Gouley, J.
Grattan, Mrs., and 2 children
Green, J.
Green, Miss M.
Grennell, G.
Haggerty, W.
Hale, Mrs. J.
Hammel, J., and wife
Hammel, T. W., and wife
Handley, Miss J., and child
Harrington, G.
Harrington, J. B.
Harris, J.
Harris, J.
Hawe, J.
Haynes, Miss S. A.
Healy, Mrs., and 2 children
Henrahan, Mrs.
Hicks, G. L.
High, J.
Hills (?), J.
Holley, Mrs. E. T., and infant
Hopkins, H.
Hudson (?), J.
Hughes, O.
Hume, A.
Huntman, H.
Husson, Mrs., and daughter
Hyman, A.
Jacobson, J.
Janes, Mrs., and servant
Johnson, Mr., and infant
Jones, J.
Jones, P. R.
Kennedy, M.
King, H.
King, J.
King, P.
Knapp, Mrs., and infant
Knight, J.
Lakeman, Mrs.
Lark, D_. (Dr. ?) John, and lady
Leveridge, J.
Levey, H.
Locke, Dr., and wife
Longtemp, M.
Malcolm, R.
Malcolm, T.
Maloney, Miss C.
Marks, P.
Maynard, G. H.
McGregor, J.
McGucken, M.
McLaughlin, Miss
Menden, M.
Meyer, A.
Michael, M.
Middleton, M.
Montague, J. DeLee
Moore, S. L.
Muford (Mulford, Mumford ?), J. H.
Mumford, W.
Murdock, Mrs., and 3 children
Mylett (?), Mrs. E., and infant
Nagle (?), D.
Newberry, Dr.
Newell, J. A.
Newell, J. A.
Nichols, Mrs.
Noves, J. T.
O'Neil, J., wife and infant
O'Neil, T.
Ostrom, J. F.
Owen, J.
Owens, H.
Palmer, B.
Parker, F. E.
Peach, Mrs. M. A.
Peck, A.
Perkins, Miss
Peter, P. H.
Peters, A.
Peters, T.
Pinard, J.
Pomeroy, W.
Poulet (?), Mr., and lady
Powers, N.
Radgely, J. S.
Ramsdell, G. W.
Rari__n, D.
Riddle, D. C.
Rider, Mrs. J. W.
Rief, L.
Riley, W.
Robinson, W.
Rogers, J.
Rogers, Mrs., and child
Rollinson, Rev. Mr.
Root, C. M.
Roper, E., wife and child
Rorke, B.
Row, B.
Royce, J. T.
Sandgreen, T. E.
Saunders, J.
Saunders, R. H. M.
Sawyer, J. G.
Schawb (Schwab ?), Mrs. M., and 2 children
Sears, Miss E.
Serano, Mrs., and 3 children
Sh_oler (Shroler ?), A.
Shields, M.
Simmons, F.
Simons, M.
Simpson, G. W.
Simpson, J.
Slade, H. D.
Slusson, L. B., and lady
Slusson, T. H.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.
Smith, N.
Smith, P., and wife
Smith, S. B.
Snell, A.
Snow, J.
Sorts, Mrs. C., and 3 children
Staat, J. H.
Stearns, O.
Steele, J. H., wife and 4 children
Steinberg, J., wife and child
Stelling, W.
Sterling, Dr., U.S.A.
Stevens, J. F.
Stevens, Mrs., and 3 children
Stewart, J., and lady
Stiffer, J.
Stoker, E. M.
Stone, N.
Sullivan, M.
Sullivan, P.
Sutherland, W.
Swinter, J.
Taylor, Mrs., and 2 children
Thomas, K. H.
Tinkum, H.
Toney, W. L.
Tooling, G.
Truesdell (Truesdale ?), S.
Tucker, Mrs., and infant
Van Beuren (Buren ?), J.
Van Mater, Mrs., and 2 children
Van Wickle, Miss C.
Vaughn, W.
Velter, F.
Vose, W.
Wagner, J.
Walsh, J.
Warm, A. F.
Waterman, W.
Watson, S. B.
Webber, L. B.
Webster, D. N.
Weldman (Woldman ?), Mrs. C.
Wheeler, H. S.
Wheeler, M. A.
Wheelock, J. J.
Wild, J.
Williams, J.
Williams, J. H.
Williams, O. A.
Willicut, J. L., and lady
Wilson, J.
Wood, G. H.
Wood, H.
Wood, Mrs.
Wood, Mrs. A.
Woodin, J.
Young, Hiram
and many others in the steerage.
Total, 648.

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