California Bound by

New York Daily Times, May 22, 1855

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: May 21, 1855

New York .... Monday, May 21.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for California, via Nicaragua --
Albert, J.
Andress, W. R. C.
Bailey, J. W.
Ball, W. H.
Barrett, U.
Blanchard, C. D.
Boutler, Maria and niece
Boutler, Martha
Boyd, Mrs. Wm.
Brassa, Mrs., and 2 children
Brown, F. R., and wife
Brunner, H. A.
Cafery, Mary
Caldwell, J.
Campbell, J. S.
Cardwell, J.
Cobb, H. A.
Cobb, Miss H.
Coffee, P., and wife
Colisham, J. H.
Collery, G. H.
Collery, Wm.
Cox, D.
Cranson, A.
Crowell, Dr. E.
Crowell, Mrs. E. C.
Dean, W. B.
Denby, Miss M. A.
Donovan, R.
Drew, L. B., wife and 2 children
Dunlap, James
Eastman, H. A.
Ehman, H., wife and son
Eldridge, J.
Elfe, Mrs. A., and 2 children
Ellery (??), Jacob
Elwell, D. A.
Fellows, Geo.
Fisher, George
Flynn, Miss Julia A.
Flynn, Mrs. Margaret, and 2 children
Flynn, Thomas
Francis, G. G.
Friel, James
Fulton, Wm.
Gaffield, R. J.
Gardiner, Mrs. A. S.
Garland, W.
Gellard (Gallard ?), H.
Gerook, C.
Gibson, J.
Goff, F.
Goff, Thomas
Graham, Samuel
Gray, J., and wife
Greary, Wm.
Green, James
Halney, Thos.
Hart, Miss D.
Hesse, C.
Hines, C.
Hines, E. J.
Hogan, D.
Hooley (Hoolsy ?), Mr.
Hooney, Wm.
Hooper, J.
Hooper, J.
Hooper, T.
Hopkins, E.
Houston, Mrs. C. E.
Houston, R. J.
Huber, Jos.
Hughes, R.
Hutchings, Wm.
Jackson, L.
Jackson, W.
Jeffers, S.
Jelly, Wm.
Johnson, W. H.
Karsten, Miss
Kelly, F.
Kelly, Mrs. M., and child
Keran, J.
Kern, A.
Kiery, Mrs. Mary, and 2 children
Kissick, Charles and wife
Kitts, Alex
Kitts, Wm., and wife
Knowles, S. W.
Lammert, Miss E.
Lee, Major R. B., U.S.A., and servant
Lee, R. B., Jr.
Lenox (?), H.
Leonard, H. N.
Lewis, P.
Lewis, W. A.
Liehrsen, Miss H.
Linder, Miss L.
Littlefield, R. S.
Lord, A. P.
Luccassou (Luccasson ?), E.
Mallon, J.
Mallon, Miss M.
Marguiz (Marquiz ?), Mrs. T., and 2 children
McAloon, P.
McCaffey, P.
McDonough, C.
McDuffie, R. S.
McGilvey, R.
McLean, A.
McLeod, Capt. G.
McMurray, Wm.
Milton, Wm., wife and child
Mitchell, M.
Moore, J. G., and wife
Morgan, Mrs. J., and 2 children
Morgan, Seaze (Seane ??)
Morse, C.
Mullor, Max
Murdock, J.
Murphy, J.
Myers, M. S.
Newton, C.
Newton, John S.
Nichols, J.
Nichols, J.
O'Connor, Eugene
O'Connor, Miss Johanne
O'Connor, Owen
O'Hern, Mrs. J., and 2 children
Parks, E.
Pennoyer, S.
Pfeiffer, C.
Phillips, Mrs. Margaret and 2 children
Phillips, Wm.
Powers, J. T.
Quinn, Miss E.
Quinn, Mrs. B.
Rapp, M.
Rapp, W.
Reagh, A. R., and wife
Redbrock, F.
Reed, J.
Richard, A.
Richards, J.
Rifuels, F.
Robinson, J. H.
Rogers, Mrs.
Rogers, T.
Rosenheim, Mrs. S.
Rosenheim, S.
Rosin, J.
Sanders, Mrs. A., 2 children and infant
Sharp, S., and wife
Sheldon, H. T.
Shoke, H.
Silva, J.
Sincock, S.
Sly, J. W.
Smith, John
Smith, M. L.
Snow, J. S.
Stagg, Mrs. C.
Starr, M.
Stinson, L. C.
Story, Mrs. Eliza, and child
Strauss, S., wife and child
Terry, G.
Terry, Mrs. E. A.
Thompson, C.
Thompson, C.
Thompson, W. W.
Trumbull, George, wife and 3 children
Tully, Miss M.
Tunker, John
Van Clere, Miss
Van Clere, Mrs. R. B.
Viviau (Vivian ?), R.
Wagner, Heise (Heine ?), H.
Warrick, Mrs. J., and infant
Waterman, James
Wathleman, G. W.
Wathlepin, G. W.
Wealand, P.
Weaver, Mrs. F.
Webb, N. L.
Weeks, R., and wife
Weir, J.
West, H.
Weymouth, N.
Wiegand, C.
Williams, Gilbert
Williams, Rees
Youmans (?), G. S.
Young, Thomas J.
and others in the steerage.

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