California Bound by

New York Daily Times, May 22, 1855

SS Illinois
Captain McKinstry
Sailed from New York City: May 21, 1855

New York .... Monday, May 21.

Steamship Illinois, McKinstry, Aspinwall, M. O. Roberts.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Illinois, for Aspinwall and California --
Abernathy, Gov.
Anderson, W.
Anzer, A.
Archer, Samuel, wife and child
Ashmore, W.
Ausley (Ansley ?), R.
Backus, J.
Bailey, J.
Baker, C. H.
Baldwin, Mrs. N. J.
Baldwin, Mrs., 3 children and servant
Barker, S. D.
Baxter, J. H.
Bderow (Bedrow ?), A.
Beatty, R. R.
Beaumont, R.
Bell, Mrs. E.
Bennett, J.
Berry, T. H., wife and 4 children
Besson, S. A., and lady
Birch, H.
Bishop, H.
Blumenthal, H., and lady
Bond, A. F., and lady
Bond, Miss S. S.
Bowen, D.
Bower, W.
Brady, C.
Brady, J.
Brewer (Beaver ?), W.
Briggs, C.
Brownell, Miss Susan
Bruce, T. J.
Buckland, Mrs. M. A.
Burke, R.
Burley, L.
Burns, J.
Burroughs, E.
Carr, J.
Chambers, O. W., and wife
Charles, J.
Chase, D.
Chase, J. W.
Chasman, C. J.
Church, M.
Clark, Capt. M. M., U.S.A.
Cohen, J., wife and infant
Cohen, S.
Colan, P., and wife
Connell, Mrs. M.
Copeland, S.
Corness, H., lady and infant
Corrigan, J.
Creeds, T.
Crocker, Mrs. L. N.
Cullen, J.
Curtain, H., and infant
Dallen, N.
Davis, D. C.
Davis, Mrs. E.
Davis, S.
Day, W. H.
Deckand, N.
Defbrig (??), C.
Dexter, M.
Dild__, S.
Dillon, J.
Dillon, Mrs. M.
Dimond, H.
Dobbin, Miss
Dobbin, Mrs., and 2 children
Dobbin, Mrs., and 2 children
Dopson, G.
Dorr, H. A.
Doyle, W.
Egbert, E., and lady
Elgen, Mrs.
Epple, C.
Fanbt (Fapbt ??), H.
Fay, T.
Ferguson, T.
Field, L. M.
Finch, J. F.
Fish, H. F.
Fisher, J. W.
Flynn, M.
Flynn, Miss
Folger, Mrs., and child
Ford, Miss S.
Galvin, J.
Garson, J.
Geisel, Miss E.
Gibbs, T.
Gilmon, J., wife and child
Glugas, Mrs.
Goodall, J. M., wife and child
Goodhall, C., and 2 boys
Graham, Mrs. C.
Green, Mrs., and 3 children
Gunn, C.
Hagthorp, Mrs. E., and 4 children
Hahn (?), Miss E.
Hall, S.
Hamilton, Mr., and lady
Hammond, J.
Hanlon, F.
Harmer, H.
Harris, H.
Hartshorn, R.
Hastings, L. G.
Healy, T.
Heffner (??), C.
Heinten (Heinton ?), J., wife and 4 children
Helling, M., and brother
Henken, M.
Henry, D.
Henry, J., wife and 3 children
Hewett, J. M.
Hey, J.
Hicks, G.
Hicks, S. S.
Hinks, J. F.
Hochins (Hoching ?), C. H., and 2 sisters
Hoey, E. W.
Howard, J.
Hubard, O.
Ilulloo, Miss
Jackman, J.
Jacobs, J., wife and infant
Janison, Miss M.
Jewett, Miss
Jillson, E.
Jones, T.
Kane, J. B.
Kasten, M.
Keller (Kelley ?), J.
Kelly, P.
Kempter, wife and infant
Kendall, D. B.
Kiel, M.
Kimball, C. T. P.
Kline, J.
Knowlton, C.
Kyle, J.
Lane, S.
Lawrence, J.
Legary, Mrs.
Lewis, C. H.
Lewis, J., wife and child
Lippitt, F. J., and wife
Little, Miss Clara
Long, _.
Love, J.
Ludees (Ludess ?), D.
Luser, D.
Machan, D. S.
Macy, W.
Martin, D.
McCormick, J. N.
McCoy, Wm.
McDermott, Miss B.
McNish, W.
Meader, J.
Mede, B.
Merrill, R.
Miller, _.
Miller, D.
Miller, Miss
Milsey, J., and wife
Mooney, P.
Moore, J. T.
Morrison, J.
Muckley, J., wife and 4 children
Murphy, M.
Murray, T.
Nesius (?), B.
Newcomb, T.
Niel, Miss
Noble, E. R.
Noble, W.
Northrop, A.
Nugent, J., and lady
Nugent, P.
Nulty, H. M. (may be: McNulty, H.)
Oild__, S.
Orr, J.
Osborne, W. T.
Park, T. W., wife, child and servant
Patten, (_. ?)
Pazes (Pazos ?), S.
Peel, H.
Pinney, Major, U. S. A.
Pitcher, L. A.
Poor, B. V.
Poor, J. S.
Pratt, Mrs., 4 children and servant
Provoz, S.
Quinn, P.
Ramsdell, S. C.
Richard, J. H.
Richmond, J. W., and lady
Robald, C.
Robinson, J. H.
Robinson, W.
Rooney, E.
Ross, Miss L.
Russell, C.
Sanborn, J. D.
Sanders, C. P. S.
Schenck, John A.
Sevens, Miss Mary
Severson, Miss H.
Shearer, Mrs., and 3 children
Sherry, Miss M.
Sick, J. H.
Sight, O.
Simorton (Simonton ?), J. W., lady, 2 children and 2 servants
Smith, C.
Smith, D. J.
Smith, G.
Smith, J., and wife
Smith, Miss A.
Smith, N. J.
Smith, P.
Smithson, W.
Snow, Mrs. E., and child
Starkweather, C. G.
Starkweather, Mrs. R. G.
Steinburgh, J.
Sterb, S. C.
Stevens, A.
Stockbridge, R.
Stults, S.
Sullivan, P.
Suther, Mrs. R., and child
Swain, J., and wife
Tanner, G.
Tappan, J. Nelson
Tappen, Miss C.
Tehall, F. O., lady and 2 children
Teller, J. W.
Terwin, _.
Thomas, F.
Thompson, A.
Thorp, E.
Todd, W.
Todd, W.
Towle, J. W.
Tripp, N. K.
Vanderveer, T. G.
Van Ness, Miss
Van Ness, Mrs., son and servant
Van Tassell, Mrs., and daughter
Van Voorhis (??), J.
Vrider (??), C.
Walker, C.
Walsh, Miss M. A.
Walsh, Miss S.
Watt, S.
Wattis, J.
Webbter, J.
Weisman, C.
Welch, E.
Wells, D. R.
White, J. _.
White, L.
Whitford, K. (H. ?)
Wight, N.
Wilbur, Miss B.
Williams, G.
Wilson, B.
Wilson, J. A.
Zelliug (Zelling ?), F.
Zuli, Rev, M., and lady
and 316 in the steerage.

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