California Bound by

New York Daily Times, April 6, 1855

SS George Law
Captain Fox
Sailed from New York City: April 5, 1855

New York..Thursday, April 5 .

Steamship George Law, Fox, Aspinwall, M. O. Roberts.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship George Law, for Aspinwall and California --
Andrews, Mrs., and child
Angur, Capt., and lady
Anvills, Mrs., and 3 children
Armstrong, J. S.
Ashcrafter, S.
Austin, A., and lady
Baker, Rev. Bishop
Bernhardt, Mrs. M.
Blackwood, W. C.
Butcher, W., and lady
Butler, F.
Clark, Miss A.
Cummings, Mrs., and child
Doane, E., and lady
Douville, Mrs. E.
Doyle, Wm.
Dunn, Mrs., and family
Dupont, J.
Eagleso (Eagleson ?), A.
Flennes, Mrs.
Flint, J. P.
Flint, S. S.
Furlington, C., and wife
Ganby, J.
Godfrey, Mrs., and 2 children
Gregg, C. A.
Guild, Miss C.
Hale, J. A.
Hewlick, A.
Hill, Miss
Horan, J. C.
Hughes, Mrs., and infant
Hunt, J.
Huntington, C.P. (Collis Potter Huntington, one of the "Big Four" who built the Central Pacific Rail Road which became the western portion of the first transcontinental railroad.)
Irwin, A.
Jackson, S. A.
Johnston, J.
Jones, Hon. W. Carey
Jones, J.
Jones, J. W., and lady
Jones, Mrs.
Keating, Wm.
Kellner, Rev. A., wife and infant
Kent, F. D.
Lacey, Mrs. E.
Leach, A. J.
Leach, Mr.
Leach, W. H.
Lewis, Rev. Mr., and lady
Lipman, C. F.
Livingston, Rev. Mr., and son
Malone, R. C., lady and servant
McColm, R. C.
Mendon, G. A.
Merrithew, Mrs.
Moars (Mears ?), J.
Moffatt, W.
Morton, J. P.
Nichols, Miss
Nichols, S.
O'Connor, T. H.
Park, R.
Pearce, Mrs.
Pierce, J. P., wife and infant
Porter, W., and lady
Potter, J.
Potter, John
Pulty, J.
Ralston, D. C.
Ralston, S. W.
Reed, R., and wife
Reynolds, W. R., and lady
Riley, R., and wife
Roach, J.
Roods, Mrs., and family
Rooney, Rev. S. B., wife and child
Rother, Mrs. M., and son
Sanders, W. H., lady and child
Shelvy, D.
Sloan, J. R.
Snyder, Mrs. S. A.
Stevens, Mrs. C. J.
Subbock, Capt.
Thayer, B. B.
Thomas, Rev. E., and family
Thompson, Mrs.
Trashee, J. G.
Trask, Mrs., and daughter
Valentine, S. D.
Wadleigh, B. P.
Webb, Mrs. C. C.
Wells, W. S.
Wheeler, W. L.
Williams, Col. J. W.
Williams, J., lady and child
Williamson, J.
Wilson, Mr.
Wingate, C. D.
Wood, D., and 5 children
Wood, Mrs.
Yates, Miss M., and servant
and a full compliment of passengers in the second cabin and steerage.

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