California Bound by

New York Daily Times, March 28, 1855

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: March 27, 1855

Port of New York .... Tuesday, March 27.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for California, via Nicaragua --
Addison, Wm.
Amos, Wm.
Anderson, F.
Austin, Mrs. S., and 2 children
Baker, J. C., wife and 2 children
Bean, B. W.
Beck (?), Mr. And Mrs., infant and servant
Beneditos, Mr. And Mrs.
Benson, Miss O.
Bishop, F. A.
Black, Miss J.
Block, Miss J., and servant
Bodr (Bodn ?), Mr. And Mrs.
Brannan, Mr. And Mrs., 4 children and 2 servants
Butler, Mrs. J.
Byrne, Miss Caroline
Campbell, Miss Ann
Cardinal, C., and wife
Carr, Mr. And Mrs.
Cilley, Mrs. H. K., and child
Clark, L.
Clifford, George
Cochran, Miss
Collins, Miss Ann
Coulter, J.
Coy, James F.
Davis, Mr. And Mrs., and child
Duke, M.
Dunnigan, Misses M. and E.
Dunnigan, Mrs. A.
E_lls (?), S. S.
Eldridge, J.
Ells, Mr. And Mrs. A. M.
Elmer, M. O.
Falls, S. D.
Finn, Miss E. D.
Finn, Mrs. C. H.
Foster, Wm.
Fulda, Mrs. M., 5 children and servant
Garrison, Hon. C. R., and servant
Gassner, V., wife and 2 children
Gomer, J. D.
Gottell, Henry
Greely, Mr. And Mrs.
Haddock, Miss
Hartman, Mrs. B., and son
Hays, Mr. And Mrs.
Haywood, P. D.
Heard, E. H.
Howell, J. L.
Kearny, Mrs. C., and 2 children
Kelly, Mrs. M.
Lafft, Mr. And Mrs.
Laramond, R. M.
Leversee, R. H.
Loomis, A.
Mansfield, Wm.
Marshall, H.
Marsten, E. J.
Mathers, Miss
Merritt, Mrs. Susan
Monhouse, Mrs. E. P., and child
Morgan, Mr. And Mrs.
No_sat (Noisat, Notsat ?), Mrs.
Page, Miss Mary
Parsons, N.
Prince, R., and servant
Quinn, Mrs. E., and 2 children
Ra_gan (Raugan ??), Miss A.
Ramlet, C. H., and wife
Rogers, Miss Mary
Roper, Miss
Rudman, Mrs., and child
Scavaigo (Siavaigo ??), Mrs.
Schaff, F. W.
Skelton, Mrs. M. A.
Smith, J.
St. John, C. H., lady and 2 children
St_ll (Still, Stell, Stall ?), D. C.
Valle, R.
Valpey, Capt. J., and son
Wardle, Thomas, Jr.
Weaver, F. L. H.
Weller, Hon. J. B., lady and servant
Wilkins, Mr. And Mrs., and infant
Williams, Mr. And Mrs.
Wood, Mrs.
Wright, C. K.
Young, Mrs., and infant
and 237 in the steerage.

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