California Bound by

New York Daily Times, Tuesday, March 13, 1855

SS Star of the West
Captain Turner
Sailed from New York City: March 12, 1855

Port of New York .... Monday, March 12.

Steamship Star of the West, Turner, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for Punta Arenas --
Ahester (Abester ?), John
Baker, F.
Bennet, J.
Best, Mrs. Catherine
Bradley, A. D.
Carroll, Miss Catharine
Churchill, J.
Colton, Henry
Connolly, A.
Cook, W. H.
Creinstoa, W., and lady
Dean, H.
Deity, A., and lady
Dicon, James
Doran, James, and lady
Duncan, C. D.
Edwards, Wm. S., and lady
Ford, Mrs. A.
Ford, P.
Ford, S.
Gillon, Hugh
Hall, Mrs. S., and 2 infants
Halsey, __
Hammel, Mrs. Mary N.
Hanson, Mr.
Hartwell, C.
Higgins, George
Hurtley, Mrs. Jane
Hutching, A.
Indson, H. P.
James, D.
Jenny, O., and lady
Jones, D. E.
Judd, D., and lady
Kearney, Matthew
Keeler, Wm.
Kelly, B.
Ketchum, R.
Knox, Miss S. A.
Larkin, Miss M.
Law, J.
Leavitt, Mrs. M. A., and child
Linasor, G., and lady
Loganta, Mrs.
Lotton, S. S.
Lovall, Edward, and lady
Manhaffy, Geo. W.
Mattison, D.
McLonghlin, M.
McLonghlin, Mrs. S.
Medbury, Miss N. C.
Moran, Edward
Mullen, Thos., and lady
Neff, J.
Nelson, Wm., and lady
Newcomb, B. C.
O'Keefe, B.
Packer, George
Pine, J.
Plement, Miss J. P.
Rankin, Wm.
Rosenbaum, S.
Scott, W. H.
Smith, George
Sprague, J. M.
Stanton, Miss Mary A.
Starta, Mrs. G., and infant
Starta, Mrs. N., and 2 children
Stephens, F. B., and lady
Stephens, Mrs. L.
Sweet, B. F.
Taylor, Wm.
Tea, Mrs. Mary., and 2 infants
Thomas, P. J.
Thompson, Mrs. Nancy
Townsend, A. G.
Trask, P. W., and lady
Van Ness, E.
Wells, S. B.
White, Wm.
Winch (Wench ?), J.
Winslom (Winslow ?), S. D.
Winslow, N.
Wise, M.
Wood, Miss Mary Ann
Woodbury, N.
Young, Chas., and son
and a full compliment in the steerage.

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