California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
29 October 1849

Passengers Sailed.


SAN FRANCISCO - Ship Henry Ware from Boston

Christopher S. Robinson
Alfred Hartwell
Andrew Waterman
George H. Sanderson
of Boston

Joyhn R. Taylor
Joel Russell
Luther B. Taylor
of East Cambridge

Herny W. Howe
Geo. Hove
Geo. C. Herved
John B. Burridge
of Medford

Jno H. Kimball
Simeon Frost
Lausen R. Newcomb
E. A. Ingalls
Edw E. Hawkes
Moses Compton
of Lynn

Joseph H. Curtis
Charles Howland
Robert Lord
of Kennebunk

SAN FRANCISCO - Brig Archelaus from Boston

Joseph E. Porter
Frederick Dinsmore
Reuben Small
Lewis M. Berguis
James Bowker

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