California Bound by

New York Daily Times, Saturday, January 13, 1855

SS Star of the West
Captain Turner
Sailed from New York City: January 12, 1855.

Port of New York .... Friday, Jan 12.

Star of the West, Turner, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for Punta Arenas --
Amboist, A.
Ansley, A.
Austin, A. A.
Baker, Mrs. A. G.
Barbour, T. T., and servant
Barker, B. L.
Bec_with (Beckwith ?), M. B., and wife
Boyd, A. F.
Boyle, J.
Brevost, J. B. (Note: on passenger list next to "Prevost.")
Brown, W. R.
Burnett, Mrs., O'B. C., and boy (sic)
Church, J.
Clar_ (Clare, Clark ?), Geo.
Clark, J.
Cohn, M.
Collins, Mr.
Collins, Mrs. S.
Cronin, P.
Dalton, Rev. S. J.
Dell., Mrs. L. B., and 2 children
Dement, J. D.
Derbyshire, R. G.
Dev_ne (Devine ?), Thos.
Duanhofler, A.
Duffry, T., and wife
Duffy, J.
Duffy, Mrs. A.
Duffy, Mrs. B.
Edwards, Mr.
Edwards, W.
Favre, E.
Field, S. J.
Fink, Miss Jane
Flynn, E.
Gildersleeve, Mrs.
Graham, Robt.
Halsey, Mrs. W. R., and child
Hambr_dge (Hambridge ?), E.
Hellemann, M.
Herbeck, F.
Howe, H.
Humphrey, Mr.
Hurd, H. S.
Hutchinson, J.
Israel, S.
Jacobs, Mrs. N. M.
Jenny, B.
John, B. G. S., wife and infant
Jones, A., and wife
Kenney, Wm.
Latson, Mrs. Abm. C., and 6 children
Lawler, Jos.
Levy, T., wife, 2 infants, and 2 servants
Lily, J. G.
Marks, S., and servant
Mart, Miss M.
Mayron, T. H., and wife
Michael, J.
Muncey, J.
Nathan, S.
Prevost, T. (P. ?), J., wife and 2 children (see "Brevost.")
Quade, Mrs. M., and infant
Quig, B.
Rosenkranz, H.
Rosenstock, J.
Seligman, J., wife and 2 servants
Shepard, C. W.
Shepard, M.
Sherwood, C. W.
Sims, George R.
Smith, S. B.
Tevis, Robt.
Thomas, J.
Thompson, D.
Thompson, J. M.
Tilton, C. A.
Tuallion, C.
Valentine, J., wife and child
Weill, A.
Weill, M.
Wheeler, H.
Wolf, Geo.
and others in the steerage.

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