California Bound by

New York Daily Times, December 28, 1854

SS Northern Light
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: December 27, 1854

New York..Wednesday, Dec. 27.

Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, Chas. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for Punta Arenas --
Andrews, Lieut. Geo. S., U.S.A.
Armstrong, R.
Baldwin, S. D., and wife, 2 children and 3 servants
Benson, L.
Benson, Miss C.
Bonney, V.
Brierd, Miss
Brogan, M., and wife
Brown, J.
Brown, T. H.
Burke, J.
Cameron, T.
Carr, J.
Catlin, M.
Chatham, R., and wife
Clark, M.
Cole, M.
Corra, A.
Cotting, Miss, and child
Coyl, J.
Dassman, F.
Day, Mrs. Jane
Dennison, E. S.
Dougherty, Mrs. H.
Drake, G.
Drake, L.
Drake, Miss S.
Duffy, P.
Gallagher, J.
Gallagher, P.
Gates, Miss Mary
Gates, Mrs. H. E.
Gillespie, Major A. H.
Grissell, Miss E.
Hanrahan, Miss E., and child
Healy, Miss M.
Heller, Arnold
Heller, Miss Adelaide
Hennessy, J.
Herrick, N. R., wife and child
Hickie, P.
Hope, Mrs. C.
Howard, W.
Howes, A. J.
Howes, S. B.
Hubbard, J. W.
Hudson, Isaac
Hunt, Miss M.
Jones, G.
Jones, Miss M.
Jones, Miss P.
Kelly, Miss H.
Kelly, Thos.
Klein, P.
Knowlton, J.
Lambert, J. H.
Latourette, F.
Latourette, J. B.
Letwar, D.
Matison, Geo.
Matison, H.
Matison, W.
McBride, D.
McHugh, P.
Mills, Robert
Monroe, Miss Mary
Mulgrave, J.
Murphy, Mrs. Mary
Murray, Mr., and sister
Newberger, E., wife, 3 children and servant
Nicholson, Geo.
Nicholson, Miss F. H.
Novero, F.
O'Connell, R.
O'Hara, L.
Onnetto, J.
Onnetto, L.
Osgood, L. H.
Page, Mrs. Emily M.
Pagin, M., and wife
Pierson, James
Prentiss, Mrs. John, child and servant
Prevot, Jas.
Prevot, Mrs. C.
Puardy, S. F., and servant
Richardson, J.
Ripp, R., wife and child
Robinson, Jos.
Rogers, P.
Scott, Mrs. Martin
Seebay, Miss
Seegers (?), A. T.
Shevlin, H.
Sidelle, C.
Smith, H.
Sperry, J. P.
Terry, E.
Thayer, Mrs., and child
Thompson, W.
Titcomb, M.
Tower, E.
Trainor, J.
Trainor, W.
Traviot, James
True, Samuel
Ulmer, J.
Wallace, Mrs. W. H., and child
White, C. M.
Williams, Wm., and wife
Windling, L.
Wintermantle, M.
and others in the steerage.

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