California Bound by

New York Daily Times, December 21, 1854

SS North Star
Captain Warmack
Sailed from New York City: December 20, 1854

New York..Wednesday, Dec. 20.

Steamship North Star, Warmack, Aspinwall, M. O. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship North Star for Aspinwall and California --
Algio, Miss M.
Applegate, R. P.
Badger, Capt. T.
Baker, C. G.
Bechelder, G.
Bell, J.
Bennett, G.
Berriner, F., and child
Blatchley, A.
Boyce, J.
Brackett, R.
Bradbury, J.
Bradbury, P.
Brassent, S. S.
Breed, J. M. C.
Breshan, V.
Brodwell, Mrs. E., and infant
Brown, J.
Bushnell, M.
Case, Mrs.
Case, T. W., and lady
Chamberlin, P.
Cheesmore, G.
Cobb, M.
Colden, M.
Comstock, W. B.
Converse, J., and lady
Deickson, B. F.
Dorter, J.
Dryce, J.
Dunn, Miss L.
Dunn, P.
Dunn, P.
Dunn, T.
Duzbischeve, H.
Farrell, J.
Fricker, C.
Frimmons, S.
Gallaher, M.
Gallaher, P.
Gardiner, F. B.
Goldsworth, T.
Grave, T.
Green, W. E.
Griffin, H. B.
Grimstead, J.
Hadley, C.
Hall, Mrs., and servant
Hall, W. C.
Hatch, J.
Hawkins, M.
Hazeltine, H., and servant
Hennessey, M., wife and infant
Hennessey, Mrs.
Hitchings, E. H.
Hitchings, Mrs.
Hoadley, R. B.
Hodges, J.
Hodges, Mrs., and child
Holcomb, R. E.
Hunford, Mrs. E., and child
Imbant, Mrs.
Johnson, W. C.
Judkins, E. J., and wife
Keepus, J.
Kent, N. W.
Klutzer, J. C.
Kruse, H.
Kuhn, J., and lady
Laroni, Mrs. E., and child ___(The Laroni family in Italy is searching for other living Laroni family members in the world, or some information about this surname. They can be contacted at Laroni Family)
Levine, C., and lady
Levine, Mrs.
Levins, Mr., and servant
Little, S. M.
Loirgan, M.
Lovelaw, W. R.
Mahoney, J.
Martin, J. C. H.
Mason, Z. K.
Mather, Mrs.
McCarty, J.
McCucker, C.
McDonugh, M.
Meir, Mrs., and child
Merry, E. S.
Merry, Miss
Merry, Mrs.
Meserve, A. C., and lady
Miller, J.
Mitchell, B.
Morris, L.
Morris, W.
Nathan, J.
Nivon (Nixon ?), Mr., and lady
Orr, J.
Pecot, Mrs.
Pellery, B.
Pelton, S. B.
Pepper, G. B.
Potter, B. F.
Potter, G. C.
Randall, C. W.
Richardson, P.
Rosenwing, Mrs., and infant
Ruggles, H. B.
Sampson, Mr., and 2 children
Sampson, Mrs.
Shaw, F.
Shelley, N.
Sheppard, Mr.
Smith, G. F., and lady
Snyder, F. D.
Stanley, Capt. F.
Stevens, Capt. J. J.
Stites, S. W.
Stonnier, J.
Stoutenberg, W. E.
Taggart, J.
Tice, Jas.
Tice, Miss
Tice, Mrs.
Wayner, H.
Willeston, Capt. C.
Willeston, Capt. J.
Willoughby, E.
Wise, Maj. O.
and others in the steerage.

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