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New York Daily Times, August 21, 1854

SS Star of the West
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: August 19, 1854

NOTE: Passengers on this list also appear on the passenger list of the SS Cortes which arrived in San Francisco, September 14, 1854, available at THE MARTIME HERITAGE PROJECT.

Port of New York .... Saturday, Aug.19.

Steamship Star of the West, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West for Puenta Arenas --
Akin, Mrs. C., and infant
Allen, Mrs. Mary
Atkinson, A.
Bell, C. A.
Blackwell, Mrs. J. M.
Blair, Mrs. Jane, and 3 children
Blumes, J., wife and infant
Bow_ey (Bowley ?), Mrs. G. H., and servant
Boyne, Miss Ann
Boyne, Miss Sarah
Brent, J. J.
Bush, Alex
But_on (Button ?), E.
Cannahan (Cennahan ?), Mrs. Mary
Carroll, D.
Cavanah, Miss M.
Clark, M. C.
Clarke, W. G., and wife
Coanor (probably Connor), Jas., wife and 6 children
Cohn, Jacob
Coleman, Thos.
Connor, Miss Ann (also see: Coanor)
Connor, Miss E.
Connor, Miss Jan
Connor, Miss M.
Corla_t (Corlatt ?), J.
Corsen, C. W.
Crary, Miss M.
Dennigan, Miss M.
Driard, W.
Driscoll, Miss M. A.
Durway, H.
Eagle, J. H.
Ellis, G.
English, Mrs. E.
Esty, C. L.
Esty, Thos. H.
Farragat, Capt. D. G., U.S.N., wife, 2 children and servant
Fell, Miss M. J.
Flynn, Miss C.
Gardner, A. B.
Gardner, Mrs. A. B.
Gifford, Geo.
Gilchrist, J. G.
Gillespie, L.
Gilroy, Jas.
Glaskin, Thos.
Grandis (Grandie ?), F. (E. ?)
Gray, Miss C. J.
Haberslee (Habersee ?), Chas.
Hannelly (?), Miss P.
Hannon, P.
Harris, A.
Herschel, H.
Higgins, Jay
Higgins, P.
Hopkins, R., and wife
Hornish, Mrs. C.
Isaacs, Mrs. H.
Jones, P.
Keenan, D. C.
Kender, O.
King, A. King, J. N.
Knox, Dr. F.
Ledwick (?), N.
Levy, S., and 2 boys
Little, K.
Lucta (Lucia ?), F. Lump, C.
Lynch, Mrs. J.
Max, J.
McCarty, T.
McCoy, Miss E.
McDonald, Miss B.
McDougal, Hon. J. A.
McManus, M.
McPherson, (?.)
Merello, A.
Merello, S.
Miller, Mr., wife and 2 children
Mullen, P., and wife
Murphy, D.
Murphy, J.
Murphy, M.
Murphy, Mrs. E., and infant
Narramore (?), Mrs. P.
Newman, Miss E.
Newman, Miss M.
Newman, Mrs. B., and 2 children
Norden, C.
Norton, Mrs. Wm., and 5 children
Parker, Mrs. F., and 2 children
Perine, A.
Perine, C.
Phelps, A. W.
Plato (Prato, Pleto ?), A.
Puets, Geo., wife and 3 children
Quin, J. R.
Redford, J. S.
Redford, M. W.
Richardson, L.
Rosenberg, L.
Samuel, Mrs. M.
Santry, D., and wife
Satterly, Rev. D.
Scott, J.F., wife, 4 children and nurse
Seward, Mrs. Thos., and infant
Shirley, P. P., wife and child
Sigundo, M.
Simonds, F.
Sprague, B. B.
Spratt, Mrs., and child
Stoughton, Mrs. F.
Sullivan, Mrs. H., and infant
Thee, Mrs.
Turner, Hon. D.
Turner, Misses E., and E.
Ward, Miss Mary
Welch, G.
Welle, Hon. John B., wife and servant
Wertheimer, L.
Wertheimer, L., and wife
Wetzell, J.
Whitman, E. P.
Williams, Mrs. J. F., and infant
Wood, Mrs. A. H., and child
Wood, S. D., wife and infant
Woodruff, Capt. S. C.
and 263 in the steerage.

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