California Bound by

New York Daily Times, August 7, 1854

SS North Star
Captain Warnock
Sailed from New York City: August 5, 1854

Port of New York .... Saturday, Aug. 5.

Steamship North Star, Warnock, Aspinwall, J. M. Cross.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship North Star, for Aspinwall --
Abbott, Mrs.
Angier, N., and lady
Badger, Miss
Badger, Mrs., I. (J., L. ?), and infant
Baker, Mr., and child
Baldwin, Mr.
Baldwin, P.
Bech (Beck ?), H., lady, child and servant
Berlin, C. H.
Bernard, J. D.
Birnix, Madame, and daughter
Bishop, J.
Borden, W., and wife
Briggs, Louisa
Brophy, Margaret and Mary
Brown, W., lady and 2 children
Buell, D. E.
Byrnes, D., and lady
Chadbourne, J., wife and infant
Challeil, Geo., and lady
Chase, D.
Chipman, Miss
Clapsaddle, Mrs.
Clements, Thos.
Coffin (??), C. S., and lady
Cohen, M. A.
Cohn, N.
Colin, C.
Collinet, F.
Collins, W.
Conlar, J.
Cook, S. M.
Coons, B. F.
Corning, Miss E., and 2 brothers
Corning, Mrs., and 2 children
Cousin, N.
Cox, A., and mother
Crowley, Catherine
Cushing, J. M.
Dearn, P.
Deeth, D.
Delaney, G.
Delatour, Mrs. and child
Dexter, H., and lady
Dexter, Mrs. S., and 2 children
Dorgen, C.
Dotemus, F.
Dufour, Mrs., and 3 children
Duggan, D.
Dury, N. and (?)
Earl, D. W.
Fagan, J.
Fields, J. W.
Fixary, E. (F. ?)
Flowers, J., and wife
Frary, A.
Fretz, A. C.
Frothingham, P.
Gallup, Miss
Galvin, Miss
Gardiner, T.
Gavelly, C.
Gilheusen, J., and lady
Gilles, J.
Gilley, W.
Goodman, F., and friend
Gosser, C.
Gregory, H.
Gremfelder, J.
Hahn, G. H., and lady
Hamilton, Mrs. J. F.
Hannah, C.
Hardy, G. W.
Hartman, J., and lady
Haven, F. D.
Henry, J. E.
Hepfner, A.
Hoff, P. H.
Howolin (Howohn ?), P., and lady
Hoxie, Job (Joh, John ?)
Huntington, Mr., and 2 ladies
Johnnen, P., and lady
Jones, A. H.
Jullien, O. and W.
Ka_litz, R.
Kays, Geo.
Kelley, E. A.
Kern, J.
Kerott, J., and lady
Knopher (Knooher ?), D.
La_h (?), Mr.
Laderkens, Mr.
Latham, Hon. S.
Lee, B. F.
Lee, Miss
Lee, Mrs. and 2 children
Long, J.
Love, H.
Lovejoy, Mrs.
Lowell, Mrs.
Mann, Mr.
Martin, Mr.
Maxon, Frank, lady and child
McCabe, A. J., and servant
McKae, W. R.
Meetig, J.
Merritt, F. W.
Mitchell, C.
Moodie, J.
Moulton, J. B.
Muller, L.
Murray, Ann, and son
Murray, M.
Myers, C. G., and lady
Neuher (?), J.
Northeim, Miss C.
Nuban, J.
Obertuffer, J. H.
Ously, G.
Paul, A. G.
Pease, Miss C.
Pease, Mrs. W. C., and 2 children
Perry, J. H.
Pierce, M.
Pike, J. S.
Price, M.
Raust, H.
Roberts, Madame
Robinson, J. P., and servant
Robinson, S. J. (?)
Rogers, E. S., and lady
Rosenblatt, M. H.
Russell, J. W.
Ryckman, G. C.
Sa_der, C.
Scherr, A.
Schubert, T., and lady
Seamans, J. W.
Sears, G. W.
Shadkland, R.
Simpson, Mrs., and child
Smith, J. D. and W. D.
Smith, Mrs. A., and infant
Smith, Mrs. T., and child
Sproul, J. F.
Staether (??), J.
Stanley, S. L.
Stevens, Caroline
Stevens, Harriet, and 2 children
Stevens, Isabella
Stevens, J. and C.
Strout, Mrs.
Suken, J.
Sutton, Thos.
Swicker, F., and wife
Tobias, Mr., and 2 children
Tobias, S. M., and servant
Tozer, Wm.
Trevitt, T.
Tryon, A. S. and wife
Uhlfelden, S.
Wakely, J. M.
Wal_s (Walas ?), J.
Ward, Mrs.
Warforth, Miss
Warren, W. W.
Wescott, O. B.
Whitlock, R. and C.
Wilson, C. L.
Winchester, Mrs.
Woods, Miss
and 379 in steerage.

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