California Bound by

New York Daily Times, August 5, 1854

SS Prometheus
Captain Turner
Sailed from New York City: August 4, 1854

Port of New York .... Friday, Aug. 4.

Steamship Prometheus, Turner, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Prometheus, for Puenta Arenas --
Adams, D. C.
Austin, Thos. P.
Avery, E. S., wife and 3 children
Avery, J. B.
Battis, J.
Battis, M. T.
Beattie, Miss M.
Bee, Thos.
Bell, Jos.
Bender, D.
Bender, Mrs., and 2 infants
Bowen, Miss M.
Bradbury, E.
Breggmann, Mrs. H.
Briggs, Geo.
Chalcraft, J.
Chappell, Mrs. J.
Cline, B., and wife
Cody, Thos.
Cohen, Mrs. R., and 3 children
Cohn, Edward
Cole, Miss L. A.
Cox, E.
Coyle, Miss M.
Crowley, Mary
Dardano, C.
Dardano, D.
Davidson, Thos. W. G., wife and 3 children
DeForest, W. H.
Dorman, Mrs. M. D., and child
Dunn, Mrs. Ann
Edgcomb, N.
Fitch, J. R.
Foster, D. B., wife and infant
Friedberg, C.
Friedlander, W.
Friedmann, Mrs.
Frink, D., wife and servant
Frink, R. B.
Gauta, F.
Gilbert, N. C.
Ginnis, Thos.
Gordon, Wm.
Hambly, W. G.
Hamilton, G. S., wife and 2 children
Hanson, T. H.
Hanson, V. C., and wife
Harris, Jos., and son
Hazeltine, A.
Hazeltine, M. C.
Holmes, Mrs. Mary E., infant and child
Humphrey, Miss M.
Inwood, Geo.
Irish, J.
Kalichat, W.
Kellogg, L.
Lapia, Miss J.
Lucke, Mrs. F.
Matsell, Hon. H. C., wife, infant and servant
McBean, P.
McBean, T.
McCabe, A. J., and servant
McClellan, Wm., and wife
McGrath, Dr. Jas.
Meeker, D., and 2 children
Mercer, C. H.
Merchant, Mrs. M. A.
Moore, R. B., and nephew
Morris, S., and wife
Peterson, Mrs. C. W.
Philips, Mrs. C.
Richie, Mrs. T.
Riker, J. W.
Riley, J.
Sargent, A. J., and wife
Satario, P.
Segrio, M.
Sele, Mr., wife and child
Sharp, S. M.
Sherman, W. B.
Simpson, Miss J., and sister
Smith, Dr. Peter
Swain, Wm.
Vrendenberg, W. T., and wife
Wass, Mrs., and 2 children
West, Mrs. F. (?)
Wilkins, C. G., wife and child
Zimmerman, M.
and 323 in the steerage.

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