California Bound by

New York Daily Times, July 20, 1854

SS Star of the West
Captain (not given)
Sailed from New York City: July 19, 1854

Port of New York .... Wednesday, July 19.

Steamship Star of the West, ------, San Juan, C. Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for Puenta Arenas --
Adams, J.
Barton, L., and wife
Bolton, Mrs. L., and infant
Briggs, C.
Bronson, A.
Bronson, H.
Bronson, Mrs. O. L.
Bullard, Miss
Calhoun, J. E. (of S. C.)
Constantine, Mr.
Dale, Miss E.
Dodge, C. J.
Fordham, H. A.
Fratus, Mrs. Jos., and 2 children
Glugas, Geo. K.
Gould, G.
H_nting (Hunting, Hanting ?), B.
Harvey, Mrs. H. E.
Harvey, S. E.
Hayward, Miss Louisa
Hildreth, A.
Hitchcock, Dr.
Kelly, Mrs. B., and 3 children
Koenigsberger, J.
Koenigsberger, Miss F.
Ladd, A. M. P.
Langley, C., and wife
Levi, John
Lot, J. Y.
Mandelbaum, F.
Mangin, Miss Ann
Masten, Miss R.
McNally, J.
Metlar, G. W.
Moore, J. M.
Morgan, Mrs. H. E.
Morrison, J. D.
Moulton, Mrs. Stella
Mount, F. L.
Mount, W. S., and servant
Myer, L.
Myer, Miss L.
Myer, Miss S,
Myer, Mrs. F.
Myer, T. L.
Nevans, A. H., and wife
Palmer, Mrs. Sarah
Pie__ito, H. H.
Reals (Beals ?), A. J.
Ricks, C. S., and wife
Riley, Miss B.
Riley, Miss M.
Robb, Mrs.
Ross, Mr.
Scully, Miss Ann
Sneed, Miss Fanny
Snyder, A. J., and wife
Spinks, Mrs. M. E., and child
Taylor, C.
Thompson, Miss Mary
Voeller (Vosller ?), Mrs., and 2 children
Vone (Wone ?), Mrs.
Walsh, James
Walsh, Miss E., and 2 brothers
Walsh, T.
Weil (Well ?), Miss Julia
White, M. C.
Wood, S. S., Jr. and 185 in the steerage.

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