California Bound by

New York Daily Times, May 22, 1854

SS Star of the West
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: May 20, 1854

Port of New York .... Saturday, May 20.

Steamship Star of the West, Tinklepaugh, San Juan, C. Morgan

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for Puenta Arenas --
Abraham, M.
Allen, Mrs. Major Robert, 2 children and servant
Allen, T. P.
Andrews, Mrs. H. S.
Bahan, H.
Belcher, Mrs.
Beurstaff, H. A.
Bourne, G. M.
Bryant, W. S.
Butters, John, and son
Byrns, Miss H.
Campbell, T. B.
Carter, Mrs. S., and child
Chase, Mrs., infant and servant
Coffee, Mrs. E., and 3 children
Cook, E. H., wife, infant and servant
Davids, C.
Davis, Dr. W. H.
Davis, Mrs. M. E., and 2 children
Davis, R. O.
De la Montanya, M., and wife
Dean, Mrs. N., and infant
Dommeti, Mrs. E. M.
Driscoll, D.
Dunn, Mrs. J. S., and 2 children
England, Miss C.
Farrow, Wm. D.
Fernald, Miss S. J.
Fernald, Mrs. M. S., infant and 2 children
Fursh, A.
Gardiner, J. T.
Goodman, J.
Granado, M.
Green, M., and servant
Griffin, Dr. J. S., U.S.A.
Grosse, Wm.
Hayden, Mrs. E. B.
Hayden, Mrs. Robert, and son
Heyman, Mrs. R., and 3 children
Hoit, Miss Julia, sister and servant
Horn, H. A.
Hovey, Mrs. Wm. A.
Jenkins, R. P.
Johnson, Mrs. J. A., and infant
Jones, Mrs., and 2 children
Kamp, C.
Kane, Mrs. Ann, and 2 children
Lathrop, Capt. A.
Lewis, W. A.
Litsle, George B.
Lobner, L.
Lofflin, J. W.
Lorendo, F. G.
Lsemann, Z.
Luce, W.
Mammatt, R. M.
Marks, Mrs. F.
McMurray, Mr.
Megnea, Mrs. J., sisters and 2 infants
Mendell, Miss R.
Menson, J., and wife
Morey, Jos., wife and child
Morrison, Jas.
Morrison, Mrs. E.
Morse, J. U.
Myers, Mrs. and 2 children
Myers, W. R., and wife
O'Meara, J., and wife
Openheimer, M.
Oventon, Miss C.
Parrish, Mrs. E., and child
Pierce, H. B., and wife
Piler, H., and boy
Pilkin, J., and wife
Potts, Mrs.
Rabenstein, Mrs., and 2 children
Rice, Mrs. J., infant and servant
Roberts, J. C.
Robinson, M. A.
Roof, C.
Rosenthal, Miss E.
Schlos, B.
Schwartz, Miss, and man-servant
Sharrer, J.
Sherman, F., and wife
Silverman, H., and son
Spencer, C. R.
Sutherland, Miss Jane
Thompson, W.
Ulmer, S. H.
Upton, Mrs. M. G.
Wallace, Wm.
Wells, Mrs. J. C., and 2 children
White, Col. G. W.
Wilkinson, N. N.
Williams, E. A., and wife
Willment, G.
Winters, G.
Wise, M., wife and child
with a full compliment in the steerage.

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